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Gloria Trevi’s bioseries to debut this summer August 11 Through the streaming platform Vix, the singer of ‘Pelo Suelto’ Hublo del Proyecto Que will come with a re-evaluation of some of his successes.

“Nadi tells my story because only I know what I felt, what I thought and what I really lived at different moments”, I say, adding that being able to relate this to someone is a The process was difficult and cathartic, because I had not done this before.

“It is a bioseries. I request you not to think that this will be neither documentary nor chronological because I do not want to attack the personalities of the people who were a part of my life and what they have endured on the other side. added to sale el sol,

This is why he reasoned that, despite what has been said about him, he would not fall prey to history or think of attacking it; In addition, the interpreter is in the midst of a demand for corruption of minors in the United States, where he is defended by lawyer Camille Vasquez, who also defended Johnny Depp in his controversial trial with Amber Heard.

“I’m not dealing with this series to clean up my image, on the contrary, I’m trying to deliver a message and I’m brutally exposing myself in many ways”.

What do we know about Bioseries? they are soy yo

There Created by Carla Estrada It has some peculiarities, not to mention the name of Sergio Andrade, the personality that will give life to Jorge Poza as his manager, César Santiago.

actress Scarlett Gruber will be a young member of the Trevi-Andrade clan; Regina Villaverde would put herself in his place at any other moment in her life. However, Gloria Trevi will also be part of the final chapter for Su Dene. Testimonial You can get your music back by refuting your charges.

The trailer shows Gloria’s childhood and youth before she rose to fame. Similarly, one can see their relationship with their creator.

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