Fundación ONCE Announces Three Health Sciences Research Grants for Students with Disabilities

ONE TIME FoundationIn collaboration with CEC Biogun And Ikerbask Foundationcalled for three health sciences research grants for students with disabilities as part of the tenth edition your program Talent Opportunity Scholarshipsaimed at university students with disabilities.

program that has cooperation of the European Social Fundaims to support the university education, specialization and academic careers of people with disabilities and thus promote their inclusion in technical and high-skill jobs under the ESF Operational Program for Social Inclusion and the Social Economy 2014-2020.

Promote research on people with disabilities in health care

ONCE Foundation / CIC Biogune / Ikerbasque Scholarships Doctoral Trainee, Postdoctoral Trainee and Postdoctoral Fellow These are grants to promote the research activities of people with disabilities in the field of health sciences, which will be provided at the CIC Biogune research center, a member of the Basque Science and Technology Alliance, located in the Biscay Science and Technology Park.

In particular, Scholarship for doctoral students It is for students pursuing a doctoral program in health sciences and will have an amount of €12,000 per year with a maximum grace period of two years.

postdoctoral fellow, For people with a PhD in health sciences without research experience, it will be €28,000 per year up to a maximum of two years.

Referring to Scholarship Postdoctoral Research Fellow, It is intended for persons with disabilities who have a doctorate in medical sciences and at least two years of research experience in a country other than the country where their doctoral thesis was developed. In this case, the amount of assistance is 28,000 euros per year up to a maximum of two annual payments.

People who want to apply for any of these scholarships can find out, download the call and apply now through the form available on the Fundación ONCE website and through this link.. They have until October 10, 2023.

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