film of Augusto Pinochet as a vampire

El Conde | Official Trailer | Netflix

The Pinochet family is depicted as a grotesque and heartless caricature, who have no discipline or morality. They are capable of doing any kind of act to maintain their status quo, including betraying or killing their father or Abuelo.

He is the real monster of the film, more so than Pinochet himself.

an exciting director

El Conde’s new movie is Chilean director Pablo LarraínKnown for projects such as No, El Club with Gael García Bernal, Jackie with Natalie Portman and Spencer starring Kristen Steward. Lahren is also a business man with co-founder production company Fabula.

larren s One of the most recognized and respected directors of contemporary Latin American cinema, His films are characterized by critically and radically addressing political and social issues. His actions have generated controversy and debate both inside and outside Chile.

El Conde is not an exception. the film caused controversy before its debutFor his way of portraying one of the most hated and feared characters in Chilean history.

Some sectors accused Laraine of trivializing the horrors of the dictatorship and belittling the victims of human rights violations. Other Appreciate your courage and creativity To make a bitter and amusing satire.

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