Dua Lipa to face plagiarism demand to suspend Grupo Milenio

A federal judge in Manhattan said the British pop star dua lipa Will face a lawsuit accusing him of copying the success of 2021 fly From a 1979 disco song.

United States District Judge Kathryn Polk Faella said that the hammers are musicians l. Russell Brown and Sandy Linger may attempt to demonstrate “substantial similarity” between fly and your song rock and roll all night long,

Lipa’s lawyers and her Warner Records record label did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The demand filed in March 2022 states fly shared “creative elements” with gives flexibilityAbove all, mimicking its opening tune.

Defense attorneys argued it was hard to believe Lipa, 27, listened gives flexibility before writing fly,

Falla agrees, but says that the plaintiffs have alleged “sufficient facts” to support that the songs were “as such”.amazingly similar“, even going so far as to share a “repetitive rhythm” and a “characteristic melody“, that the singer could imitate him.

“The court cannot rule out the possibility that the plaintiff satisfy the inevitable need to display a striking resemblance”, Faela wrote.

Jason Brown, attorney for the plaintiffs, said in a statement that “I have a lot of respect for today’s artists, but there must be adequate attribution and compensation if your material is used. We look forward to submitting tests and bringing this matter to court.”

Faila’s opinion does not cover this allegation of the plaintiff fly copied another song don diabloto which he was the holder of the copyright rights.

fly was published in the successful album dua lipa 2020 ‘Memories of the Future’. The song peaked at number 2 in 2021, spending 77 weeks on Billboard’s US Hot 100 singles list.

In June, a federal judge in Los Angeles threw out a claim that accused Lipa of copying fly from a song from 2017 from Florida reggae group Article Soundsystem.

Another claim filed in Los Angeles on July 31 said Lipa never took permission from musician Bosco Cante to include your recording talk box in the memory of fly,


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