Cru and the Giants risk everything in a VALORANT World Cup match

The dream of a World Cup has become nightmare after being defeated by Kru and the Giants. The two teams, the Spanish-speaking fans’ only hope for the Valorant World Cup in Los Angeles, will have to face each other to see who is still alive in the championship.

And the fact is that things did not start very well for the team. giants for none of kun. Yesterday was disastrous two losses which put the teams in a difficult position. Giants lost EDG with a score of 1-2 in a tight match and Crewe fell off 2-0 against Paper Rex.

Two teams started the World Cup not the way they would have liked, and despite the fact that there were more than one of them. contested card during the day and early morning, the most decisive plays they were not for them.

The two winning teams will remain alive in the competition through the winners bracket, while Kru and the Giants have to fight each other to be able to keep dreaming. The two passions lived through the day intensely and I’m sure they’ll do it again in a game that leaves them. inside or outside off target Los Angeles.

As for the rest of the teams participating in the competition, formations such as Navi, DRX or BLG (who were widely criticized for their attitude during matches) are described as eventual champions tournament, which is still far away.

There have been many weeks of competition, and many rivals have faded into the background, and now neither of the two teams will want to stay in trouble So easy. There is still a lot of championship to play for and a lot of bullets to shoot. And the players will go to the cards, wanting not to go on vacation.

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