BTS’s Kim Taehyung makes history with MV for ‘Love Me Again’

MV ‘Love Me Again’ reaches 17 million views in less than 12 hours

In less than a week it was revealed that BTS’ darling Kim Taehyung will be releasing his solo album ‘Rest’ And even though the ARMY was still processing that information, it image Public Todo Una Bitacora con los estreno y el dia de aire released the first MV of the song on August 9. ‘love me again’This is just the beginning and in less than 12 hours 17 million views have been accumulated.

The only member of BTS who missed the solo reveal of his album was VYS who revealed what really happened in the second case and ARMY fans thought would debut on September 8, idols The calendar, revealed via social network, will feature premieres of their songs and all of them (six in total) will have an official video.

‘Love Me Again’ is the first song from the album ‘LAVOYER’ to be released, the official video has been viewed over 17 million times in less than 12 hours, making it the fastest video of the year to reach Dicha Cipher converts to tying up jungkook’Seven’ ft. letto This part of the song says:

“Let me take these memories with me, I can’t let go, you won’t let me tell you?

I’ll be honest with you.

I think about you all the time, where are you, where are you, lost without you, darling.

I wish you’d love me again, no I don’t want more mom than this”

Say part of a song.

This is a Tae we haven’t seen before, there is no doubt that his team put a lot of work into every detail, the soundtrack is beautiful and matches with V’s voice; Captivating and deep. Second level interpretation.

Sumado a Aso has just starred in three magazines; for the magazine ‘West Korea’ Kim Taehyung (V) with Donde en Dicho Anuncio Vino to access the brand’s jewelry store cartier, the brand for which he was nominated globally. Soon, a lot more behind the scenes will be revealed.

She also featured in the magazines: ‘Arena Korea’ and ‘Revista Pop’.

“El debut en solitario de ve enclusiva, edison de tapa dura sine en September”.

-Describe the details of the pop magazine.

Of course, there should be more to an ARMY than you can’t do with emotions and this is just the beginning. We want to hear more! And don’t forget to ask for it on all our OYE 89.7FM networks, we want to have it on our schedule. Ademas El Día de Manana will release another MV ‘Rainy Days’, so be extra careful.


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