At the Colombian MTV Video Music Awards, she is the only Latina nominated for Artist of the Year.

Is the only Latina nominated for Artist of the Year at two Colombian MTV Awards

Shakira and Karol G are two of the only Latin artists selected for the award’s most important category, known as the MTV Video Music Awards, a music series. Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, Doja Cat and Nicki Minaj, who performed with Karol G on his hit “Tusa,” complete the list.

This happens a few months after the release of “TQG”, a song in which the two Colombians collaborated for the first time in history. The composition, performed by both artists, has already garnered 700 million views on YouTube, in less than half a year. Both have had one of the most important years of their careers.

Shakira returned impressively as a result of her sessions with Argentinian producer Bizarap, who was very popular for being Puya against her former partner Gerard Pique, as well as because she turned all her subsequent songs into success.

Karol G Came to Take the Latin Music Industry’s Most Profitable Tour (Approximately $70 Million) and Just Launched morning will be beautiful, your disc make more impact on social network. He has also produced works that have gone viral, partly due to being puys a su xenovio.

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