44 Years of ‘Off the Wall’, the Album That Symbolized Michael Jackson’s Musical Emancipation music

44 years ago on a day like today, Michael Jackson publish your disc Weird, Recorded when he was only 20, the album announced Michael’s Emancipation as a Unique Musical Force and a creative visionary. It broke the top of record sales by black artists, paving the way for a new era in which the evolution from R&B to pop was being aired on the radio, charting positions never before seen in modern pop music. .

The success of the album, which was produced by quincy jonesMarks a level of international grace that is a symbol of pride A culture that struggled for social acceptance even in the late 70swhich eventually yielded Michael’s album.

The first simple off the wall, written by Michael Jackson, don’t stop until you get enoughI achieved success in the United States and the United Kingdom He gave the artist the importance of his first Grammy Best Male R&B Vocal Performance and Her first single to reach No. 1 in the United States and other countries as a solo artist.

the album was a great commercial success and in 2014 it accumulated eight platinum discs in the United States and sold over 20 million copies worldwide, thus becoming One of the best selling records of all time,

disco son songs don’t stop until you get enough, rock with you, working day and night, get on the floor, Weird, Friend, she’s out of My Life, i can’t help it, it’s falling in love or burn this disco,

‘Michael Jackson’s Journey from Motown to Off the Wall’, Documentary

it’s been more than seven years, it’s out Michael Jackson’s journey from Motown to Off the Walla documentary directed by American spike lee What Report on the rise of a pop star Through the making of his iconic solo album, Weird,

documentary film, which was released 24 January 2016 n l sundance film festivalBrings together a large amount of archival footage, including Michael’s personal material, interviews with contemporary talents of that era, members of his family, and Michael’s own words and images. detailed account of the star’s rise to fame,

The Jackson 5 during a performance in 1973. From Izda-Dicha: Tito Jackson, Marlon Jackson, Jackie Jackson, Michael Jackson, Jermaine Jackson. , Michael Ochs Archives

Siendo takes a look back at a chapter in his career that is rarely revisited, Michael Jackson’s journey from Motown to Off the Wall The public offers an opportunity to follow Michael as he begins with the sale of Motown, the new path he embarks on with CBS Records, and his relationship with legendary producer Quincy Jones.

Among other things, the documentary features interviews with Lee Daniels, The Weeknd, Pharrell Williams, Misty Copeland, Kobe Bryant, Mark Ronson, John Legend, Questlove, Katherine Jackson, Joe Jackson, Marlon Jackson, and many others.

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