Wanda Nara breaks silence about her health: ‘I wish things were different’

This Tuesday Wanda Nara spoke hand in hand with Cristina Perez and Rodolfo Barili. V Telefe news (Telephone). Under the latest program Chefwhich was also broadcast by the same signal, the businesswoman was delighted with her driving experience, while referring to the state of her health and her diagnosis, which kept show business in suspense for weeks.

Wanda settled with his family in the capital of Turkey due to the work commitments that her husband, Mauro Icardi, has with Galatasaray. From the morning in Istanbul, he recalled the first moments when doctors told him about his diagnosis after blood tests: “It was a shock. The first thing they told me was, “You can’t get on the plane.” And it was a shock for the whole family. It was very unexpected. I doubt whether to talk about it or not. There are times when people judge you, think it’s not true if you talk about it, or that it’s not that serious. When I get stronger or feel like I can say it, I will. I wish it were different. Those are the rules of the game, and I accept them.”.

Wanda Nara spoke about her health(Source: Telefe/Video Recording)

Without mentioning Jorge Lanata, Wanda Nara mentioned the moment when the journalist made his diagnosis on Radio Miter: “When I was asked if I was going to sue the person who leaked this, I said no. I’m not going to judge anyone because obviously I’ve been in this environment since I was very young and the fine print we don’t like is this.”

And he continued: “It can happen that there are things that no one wants to reveal, and there are times when celebrities post things to promote themselves. Just as they accompanied me in good times, many journalists also accompany me in private.. And no, I have nothing to say. Meanwhile, he spoke about the moment after the impact of the news: “Obviously it shocked me, because at the time when I didn’t know what I had, I needed to go out and explain myself. And above all, listen to people who say: “She says it.” People who know me know that I would never play with such a thing. I would never play with health issues.

“There is a moment that is the limit and that is health”Wanda remarked in a broken voice. Considering Cristina Perez’s reflections on her decision to keep the diagnosis to herself, Wanda responded, “It happens to me that I feel like I’m strong in the family. I am the one who always supports Zaira, the one who supports my mother, the one who supports my five children, the one who supports Mauro (Icardi). I felt that if I fell, they would all fall with me. They were all very shocked. So I said: “Either I have to get myself together, or I’ll drag everyone away.”

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Wanda Nara told how she feels after the diagnosis

About how this news affected Francesca and Isabella Icardi – the fruit of love with Mauro – and Valentino, Constantino and Benedicto – the product of their relationship with Maximiliano Lopez, the host said: “My children went to school in Argentina and they were asked questions there. So I had to sit down and talk to them when I could have waited a little longer. I should have done this before but these are the rules of the game and every journalist behaves as he can or as he sees fit. I have nothing to blame anyone. I am always alone to talk to my children to tell them everything. It was hard because they asked me questions and I didn’t have answers. But at the same time, I had to tell them because it was talked about everywhere.

Regarding how he felt in his body prior to learning about the medical results, he said: “I had to think that I was on my feet for many hours, working, and I said: “For fourteen hours I was in the best shape and sometimes I felt discomfort in my stomach”but I thought: “I eat in secret from the chefs (because of their involvement in MasterChef)”.

Meanwhile, Wanda emphasized: “I would like to be able to talk about this later and help someone who needs it, who has doubts and fears that I have gone through and continue to have. I wanted to give my phone number to my doctor so that he can share it with others and be able to help, but he told me: “Now you are not here to help anyone” because I talk and break … but later I will”.

Toward the end of the interview with Rodolfo and Cristina, Vanda stated “I’m getting better” and confirmed that she would begin treatment in the hospital. Sanatorium Fundaleudespite the fact that he had options to do it outside the country, but he chose Argentina.


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