Valorant: A surprise from Asian lands, the DRX squad is the first one classified for the main champion phase.

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The second day within the Champions League with emotions from another group that starts by seeing a very interesting start with squads that surprise their rivals, making it clear that Valorant is a game of constant volatility, this day there are three matches that will be full of emotions, to keep some of the teams that have advanced within this first preliminary stage.


Starting with a duel T1 against FOOT seeing the map of Pearl where things will turn in favor of the European composition with Moj which manages to wreak havoc with a 9-3 scoreline, the second half will continue to be favorable for a FUT team which manages to close out with a 13-4 scoreline. For the second card we have Harbor look Crax having set the pace for the confrontation, leaving in his favor 7-5 in rounds, the second part showed Qw1 that he hit some key losses that would give the Europeans a big lead that would take them 13-7 along with the series.

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The second series will evil genius against Phoenix Be ascent the map where it all starts, when you see a pretty even game from both sides that bets 6-6, in the second part demon1 He was released into the game to score some important kills that led to a 13–8 win. Going to Pearl we would see the starting dominance of the American team with jawhemo that he would have accurate losses that helped him make it 9-3, there will be a response from the phoenixes in the second half, but it will not be enough, because the demons will end the match 13-8.


With one more confrontation, but already the teams that won the day before, we NAVI against XRD with a map of bind it starts positively for the european team which puts 8-4 thanks cNed which surprises the opponents, in the second part we will go to overtime, where Stax It would have been important to end the match and give the PAC team a 15-13 win. On the second map we will have split which would be very even for both sides, revealing a score of 6-6 in the first half, the answer in the second half cNed It would be key for their opponents to lose by scoring the necessary points with which they would make it 13-9. IN Lotus how to decide that both teams look very similar in terms of rhythm to put 6-6 on the scoreboard, in the change of sides the aggressiveness they presented hum This cleared things up a lot for the DRX team, who managed to take 14-12, giving them the series.

After these three matches, we saw excellent results, demonstrating the quality of each of the squads with the team FUT and EG that they are winning their respective confrontations and that they will have to face each other tomorrow. On the other hand, DRX adds a victory that gives them access to the next round after a very tight series against NAVI.

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