Tom Holland Regrets Not Calling Andrew Garfield After Signing Up For Spider-Man: “I Didn’t Think How It Would Feel”

Tom Holland became Spider-Man in 2016 when he premiered ‘Captain America: Civil War,’ a belt in which he was officially presented as part of the ‘Marvel Cinematographic Universe. But, despite getting public post-delivery affection, the actor admits he has some regrets. His inexperience and the shock I felt in his life for getting this role made him forget his predecessor, Andrew Garfield.

'Spider-Man: No Way Home'

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Holland admitted that he should have called his partner to talk to him. The Amazing Spider-Man films did not perform as well as expected, which is why they were canceled after two years and Garfield was replaced by a young actor as Arachnid in a new franchise. A shocker that could not even complete its trilogy.

“It’s all because of my naivety when I was young. I was 19 when they chose me. I was so engrossed in getting the role that I didn’t even have time to think about how it must have been for him.,explains Holland, who says he understands it wasn’t easy for Garfield to lose a job like that. “If I made my second film, and it didn’t work out the way I expected, and I was replaced, it would have really cost me to recover. Andrew recovered unbelievably. Turn down the opportunity.”punishes the British.

a wonderful future

Luckily for Garfield, Marvel Studios decided to give both him and Tobey Maguire a new opportunity in ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home,’ where the two helped Holland’s Peter Parker defeat his old villains. At a certain moment, Garfield’s Spidey saves Zendaya a la MJ in a scene similar to his Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) death. A very famous sequence that served to close the character’s redemption arc 7 years after ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2: The Power of Electro’.

On the other hand, Garfield has also managed to launch a stellar career after being replaced as Spider-Man. The actor is the only one of three superhero actors to have managed to be nominated for an Oscar, achieving this on two occasions. And, simply speaking, he has managed to become one of the most coveted actors in Hollywood.


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