The disease that Linda Caicedo faced at the age of 15

One of the names we hear most often these days is the name Linda CaicedoWell, one of the players Choice Columbia that shone in 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cupas her two goals, one against the Republic of Korea and the other against Germany, thrilled millions of Colombians who watch her and other members of the Colombian national team make history.

Linda Caicedo shines on the Colombian women’s team

But like many players, Linda Caicedo’s journey has not been easy, and now at 18 and one of the stars of Real Madrid and the Colombian national team, many are unaware that the woman from Valle del Cauca has gone through difficult time due to an illness that was discovered at the age of 15.

After making her debut in the Colombian Pro League, where she shone first for América de Cali and then for Deportivo Cali, Linda Caicedo had to face the toughest game of her life because Linda Caicedo was in severe pain in 2020 in her abdomen and after several examinations, doctors diagnosed her with ovarian cancer.

Linda Caicedo faced cancer at 15

At the time, Linda Caicedo thought her professional career might be coming to an end, but thankfully she had the support of her family, and in April 2020, the Colombian forward underwent surgery and six chemotherapy sessions until he was injured. news that traces of cancer have been removed.

“I am an example that this can be overcome,” said Linda Caicedo in an interview in which she spoke about her battle with cancer.

At that time, Linda Caicedo’s athletic level dropped, causing several fans to even criticize her, not knowing about the struggle she had in private, but words of encouragement from Nelson Abadia, coach of the Colombian women’s national team, her training and above. all her winning attitude led her to quickly raise her level and later become one of the most promising Colombian football players.

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