The Continental │ John Wick spin-off series has its first trailer

universe of john wick It’s rich enough and, despite being explored in the films of the franchise, they still have a lot to offer. the proof is the miniseries continentalWhich bagged its first full trailer, packed with action and showing that the genre of the franchise can work very well outside of theatres.

continental happens years ago john wickIn the 1970s, serving as an origin story for Winston, the franchise’s famed hotel manager, played by Ian McShane (american god) in the movies. A young version of Karen, a character beloved by John Wick fans and played by actor Lance Riddick (fringe) in the original franchise, appearing and showing the beginning of his friendship with Winston.

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continental Winston arrives in New York, needing to speak to the head of The Continental Hotel, Cormac, played by Mel Gibson (mad Max, Winston’s brother did something against the boss that put his life at risk and it’s up to him to try to make things right. Only, in order to protect his family, Winston can start a war against all the hotel guests.

the senseless violence of the films of john wick Very present in the mini-series, which try to replicate the “parallel universe” tone with more exaggerated situations and an ever-expanding universe of characters.

John Wick Cast and Spin-Offs

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Casting Colin Woodell as young Winston and Iomide Adeghan as young Charon, the series strives for a frenetic pace. john wick made for television in a three-part miniseries. It’s worth remembering that this isn’t the only spin-off of the franchise.

Ana de Armas in 007: No Time to Die (Image: Reproductions/MGM)
Ana de Armas in 007: No Time to Die (Image: Reproductions/MGM)

ballet dancerA movie starring Ana de Armas (between the knife and the secret), is scheduled for release in June 2024. The feature should be Keanu Reeves and Lance Riddick’s last appearance as Charon, as the actor dies in March 2023. feature must be between john wick 3 it is john wick 4,

continental Peacock will premiere on the streaming service on September 22. In Brazil, the series should air on Prime Video.

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