The best animated series of all time is inspired by a video game, and here’s why you should watch it

The identity of the netizen-favorite Netflix animated series probably won’t surprise anyone. With a much higher average rating on most specialized sites, Mystical It’s also the fourth highest rated series of all time on Netflix, so there are plenty of reasons to watch it if you haven’t already.

A real phenomenon since its release on Netflix on November 6, 2021. Mystical this is a series derived from the universe League of Legends, in which two sisters, Jinx and Vee, grew up in a seedy, poor town against the backdrop of a rich city. In adulthood, their paths will part in a conflict in which the two cities collide with each other.

At first sight, Mystical it appears to have been conceived primarily for video game fans rather than the general public. However, this turned out to be a misjudgment, as evidenced by the success of the series’ first few episodes days after its release on Netflix.

Thanks to Arcane, we were able to delve into the history of several iconic champions such as Vi and Jinx.

High quality aesthetic

It should be said that in this series, which was developed over five years, nothing was left to chance. with a record-breaking budget of around $80 million, ten times the budget of a standard animated series.. Produced by Riot Games, a video game publisher. League of Legends, Mystical It was made by Fortiche Production.

This French animation studio has become known for numerous music videos, including for Gorillaz, as well as an animated series. Rocket and Groot Produced by Marvel. IN 2013, The Fortiche teams had the opportunity to prove their worth by performing jinxa video clip dedicated to Jinx, one of the champions of the LOL universe.

Animation quality Mystical is the main reason for the huge success of the series. By combining 2D and 3D methods with bicomatic coloring, the series is also based on excellent character designs and the important scripting work to bring this steampunk universe to life.

Another aspect worth paying attention to is the richness of the plot and the depth of the characters. Mystical does not settle for a Manichaean narrative, but rather portrays protagonists and antagonists with complex personalities.faced with an outbreak of conflict that transcends them. Because of this constant presence of darkness, the series is aimed at a mature audience, which explains why Netflix recommends it for kids ages 16 and up.

Excellent dubbing

Finally, it is impossible not to mention the high-quality dubbing, both in the original version and in Latin. Realistic aspect of animation Mysticalin combination with the exceptional work of the voice actors plays an important role in our connection with the characters.

Its particular aesthetic has made this animated series very memorable, which has distinguished the audiovisual productions of Riot Games over the years.

This applies to both the champions Jinx and Vi, as well as Silko, the scarred villain. Thanks to your success, Netflix updated Mystical for an extra season. Although a release date has yet to be announced, the Fortiche team has revealed that the second season will be produced faster than the first without compromising the quality of the show, so we can only wait and see what the next one will be like. thread of this innovative series.

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