Sydney Sweeney Defends Sam Levinson: “I Feel Free and Confident in ‘Euphoria'”

Actress Sydney Sweeney Does not support the team of complaining coworkers Sam Levinsonscreenwriter and director of series such as “Excitement” it is “statue”, Criticized for objectifying the female body and creating a chaotic environment on set, à la Marlene Matos, Sam favorite silence. Sydney That too, until asked during an interview for the cover of Variety magazine.

Sidney Sweeney defends Sam Levinson: "I feel free and confident in 'Euphoria'"
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“The point is to make people feel uncomfortable and think outside the box. What else is meant by art? I feel very free and confident in the program. And how did I get through it? says the actress.

“You have I, you have Z (Zendaya), you have all these strong, independent women. If we didn’t feel comfortable with something, or we saw something we didn’t like, we would all speak up,” she adds.

For Sydneyit’s not easy to see Sam Levinson The subject of many negative articles. “It is hard to see someone being completely destroyed by the public and the media when no one is actually there (to support). We’re there and obviously we’re still working on the show. We still support each other. Account.

Sidney Sweeney defends Sam Levinson: "I feel free and confident in 'Euphoria'"
(Photo: Disclosure/HBO)

“Euphoria” Continues Without A Script And A Third Season Should Be Shelved Until 2025

when season 2 “Excitement” ended in 2022, viewers were saddened by the buzz that the new season would only premiere in 2024. But the situation is even more depressing. Vice President of Programming at HBO Francesca Orsi found out that The scripts are not ready yet and it is correct to predict the premiere in 2025,

In addition to the writers’ strike that brought Hollywood to a standstill, the producers of “Euphoria” Sam Levinson – who also writes and directs episodes – was busy with another series, “statue”, a thing he would not initially do. it moved the pre-production of “Excitement” Further more.

“’Euphoria’ is a series we started writing in post-production on ‘The Idol’. But we don’t have many scripts right now. We can’t record, so the opening will be set by Sam (Levinson). Ideally, this should happen in 2025., Francesca Orsi Told the deadline. He also said that season 2 “The Last of Us” Can live till 2026…

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