Miguel Angel Silvestre confesses his love to Lali Esposito instead of a kiss on the show

Lali and Miguel Angel Sylvester’s kiss (Credits: @arenalsound)

In the midst of his tour of shows across Europe, Lali Esposito rekindled their romance with miguel angel sylvestre Given that the actor is settled in Spain and Ella Cantaba in Escanario. A video capturing the moment went viral and Argentina itself shared it on instagram stories, He wrote on the pictures, “Ask those who have biceps to kiss you.”

Neither slow nor dull, in Netflix series Your Partner’s Called sky red Shared the publication on your account and added a message along with what you wrote with Lali which was very romantic. ,I would rise a thousand times to kiss you, Julietexpressed Silvestre, who romantically signed the letter:you romeo,

Since then, fans of the series were delighted that Lali and Miguel Angel were cementing their love relationship in a more formal way and narrowing the distance separating them, given their respective work projects.

Miguel Angel Silvestre’s warm message to Lali (Instagram)

The commented kiss was said to have been an emotional song dedicated by Lali to Silvestre, and the two exchanged emotion-filled glances, synchronized dance movements and moments of great camaraderie. At one performance point, I could see the moment it took him a few minutes to utter a few words: “Do you know who I want you to love because I sang your favorite song?”, asked the artist to move the public to one side of the stage where the actor was with an unmistakable smile.

For some time now, various media from different parts of the world have suggested that the two actors may be in a romantic relationship, although neither of them has confirmed or denied these statements. However, this is the first time that they have been seen interacting with such affection and closeness in public, which has fueled even more rumors and comments about the current state of their emotional relationship.

It must be remembered that, if ever, they put a label on the relationship that unites them, Lali Esposito and spanish singer Riley B They died for a year sharing special moments together. So it happened that in that interval of time I could see him in different situations, especially in Mexico when the singer launched a llama song how did you sleepIn which the video appeared with the Argentinian artist on a trip to the Aztec country.

Anyway, even though there was no confirmation from both of them about their love affair, could they see them together. Sin embargo, con el curso de los dias, stopped publishing photos of the couple And even in Hubo Tampoco you get more likes on your social networks. This detail especially attracted the attention of its followers, who follow each revelation at the end of the letter.

Until last week, Lali was surprised by a post on her Instagram stories that her fans assumed was destined for her pre-birthday. It was a video in which some elderly people were dancing to the rhythm of a song bad bunny With a lot of looseness and sensual movements, in which you can appreciate the journey that the woman made with the man who accompanied her. Then, Singer wrote about the images: “Podemos ser nosotros pero no te diiron los huevos”.

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