Mental health and gender: a current issue

So far, the mental health of people has not been given any importance, especially women, which affects their daily life and their development opportunities.

Mental health and gender
Mental health and gender: a current issue

Mexican Association for Pharmaceutical Research, AC (AMIF)hosted a panel discussion: “Economic and Social Consequences of Women’s Mental Health: An Unresolved Agenda” with Dr. Maria Elena Medina Mora, Director of the Faculty of Psychology UNAM; Dr. Salvador Guerrero Chipres, President of the Citizens’ Council for Security and Justice; Dennis Ostwald, founder and CEO WifOR Institute; and Cristobal Thompson, Executive Director AMIF.

During the panel, experts noted that only 2% of the sector’s budget is devoted to mental health issues and rarely takes into account the years of poor health that people with such conditions live.

At the same time, it was noted that people face unequal access to basic security, with women being the first to suffer, and that today is an excellent opportunity to develop strategies for sharing information and successful experiences on this topic.

The group discussed the importance of having indicators and data on the inequalities that exist in mental health between men and women and how important it is to analyze where best to invest to help create better opportunities for women’s psychosocial development, as well as some of the reasons that women should be better able to access psychotherapy and mental health treatment.

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