LoL: This champion is both the best mid and the worst jungler in the game.

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Image Credit: Riot Games, Shurima Falls.

It often happens that a champion that can be played in two positions is much more likely to be played in one of the two positions in League of Legends. This took place for Zyra, who disappeared from middle line through the seasons just play support. Is a fate that Naafiri could also experienceas it is The highest scoring champion in the mid lane game and the worst in the jungle.

Not such a strong champion?

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In the middle lane Naafiri currently has 52% of the total win rate.. His win rate is still striving to climb the corporate ladderand spins around 54% after completing Diamond 2. Yes, sure nerfs were announced on 13.15, Riot Games stepped back and decided not to touch the new champion. As of today, it’s unclear if they feel Naafiri isn’t too strong in this mid lane, or if they chose not to weaken her in this position until they found a solution to balance her in the jungle.

It must be said that He chance to win Naafiri is very poor in this position (44%) and, unlike the medium, his win rate does not increase as we move up in the rankings. Although the champion is destined to play in these two positions, play more the main road Higher than the jungle His top lane results are more than acceptable and his win rate is 52%.

The developers announced that they have ideas for balancing in the jungle., and future changes should happen soon. Only developers will be very careful that these buffs don’t make mid Naafiri even more powerful. After that, it might be easier to nerf her in the mid lane once she becomes viable in the jungle.

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