Lisa in Blackpink made an impact with an impossibly low-cut satin dress at Bvlgari Seoul

lisa from blackpink You know very well how to describe before and after the millennium. Y ounk l kpop It emerged at the beginning of its decade, in the 90s, its group has been one of the most important to put the genre on the map of the generation with which they moved forward and, step by step, created a new fashion universe, Interpreter’s style has transcended every trend and season, bringing together the best of sophistication with the irreverence of the new millennium.

Like all great preachers, Thai singer, lisa morale, Attend the most prestigious industry events. In its traktoria’s recent hits, we saw how it swept the front row of Celine’s fashion show and added glamor to the company of Anne Hathaway and Zendaya. Bvlgari, For the luxury firm, its latest appearance has made it clear that beauty is its forte.

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How to wear a satin white dress according to Blackpink’s Lisa?

han myung-gu

Lisa Manobal is looking even more beautiful with a satin dress.

There blackpink singer and dancer arrived at the exhibition Serpenti 75 by Bvlgari in Seoul, As a great ambassador for the Italian firm, she was dressed in a fashion that reflected fashion. it was about a satin designbut not as we usually know it, but in a finished product that describes them trends Summer 2023, challenging and very glamorous. Its sleeves were adorned with signed stone brooches MasonStyling it with a ‘V’ collar, this way and this achieved a favorable visual result.

Ale dress with the rest was present in a white pearl, Both sophisticated and attractive. This design, if marked at the height of the trend silent lujo You ‘old money’Both words are suitable for conversation fashion on tiktok Due to its adaptability it can be used strap sandals on formal occasions, Tennis For a more casual day.

To conclude with your beautiful style, lisa from blackpink recognize you hair in high ponytail and bowed to one to complete Subtle in her cheeks, but all prominence was given to her red lips. This election best remembered us 90s minimalism, Is it easy to resist the proposed tip? We don’t think so.

Where have we seen the satin dress trend?

loss satin fabric The concept of ‘old money’ was described during the Spring-Summer 2023 Fashion Week. disrespectfully I showed a design of heavy tie rods and a wide cutout in the front. On the other hand, Fendi i make an offer asymmetric model With flywheel to accommodate any weather phenomenon. Y ends Owner In terms of really stylish draping to make it stand out.

Daniel Oberouch/Gorunway

Bally’s satin dress.

Salvatore Dragone / Gorunway

Fendi satin dress.


Boss satin dress.

No harm done to the celebrities satin fabric, For example, Katie Holmes ruled that this piece is the chic comfort of the closet. And Eva Longoria chose it as her stylistic talisman to embrace beautiful nights.

Getty Images

Katie Holmes.

Ratchput/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images/Getty Images.

Eva Longoria.

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