Jon Snow to return in Game of Thrones spin-off? The actor commented on his possible involvement!

There’s Been Speculation About The One Ever Since “Game Of Thrones” Ended By-product The focus is on the Targaryen Bastard and, despite not being officially confirmed by HBO, much has been speculated about the project, tentatively titled “Snow”, with Kit Harington set to revive Jon Snow. In addition, Still will be the executive producer of the series. , Recently, in an interview to the Den of Geek portal before the actors’ strike began, actor Liam Cunningham, best known for playing Ser Davos Seaworth in the original series, expressed his interest in returning to the role as soon as possible. commented on. By-product.

Possible poster for the “Snow” series (Photo: reproduction/Twitter/@asoiafsource)

Who can be on the “ice”

Cunningham says that he had already informed Kit Harington about this interest via a written SMS: “Better Call Davos”, referencing the success achieved with “Breaking Bad”, but received no response and was not officially invited. He concludes by saying that, despite this, he wishes the best of luck to those involved in the project and in his own words: “If the check is big enough, I might as well come again!”

The rest of the “Game of Thrones” cast has mixed feelings about returning to their roles. For example, actress Maisie Williams has not commented on returning as Arya Stark, but seems to love the franchise, while Emilia Clarke confirmed in an interview with Xtra that she loved her character. Return is not expected. Sean Bean, who plays Ned Stark, has repeatedly expressed interest in reviving his character, and it could be through flashbacks or dreams in “Snow”, as the character is an important part of Jon’s story.


up to date information By-product It was in May this year when Francesca Orsi, executive vice president of drama at HBO, commented on the project in an interview with Deadline and said that they were working on it with the writing team for a possible approval from the channel. , Shortly after Orci’s statement, the WGA writers’ strike began and no further information has been released and continues without official confirmation.

Featured photo: Jon Snow and Ser Davos in the series “Game of Thrones.” reproduction/twitter/@asoiafsource

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