James Gunn to launch David Ayer’s Cut

In 2016, David Eyre Harsh suicide squadron, the first project in the DC Extended Universe focused on the villains. The film aspires to be a turning point for the company. It has characters like Harley Quinn in its line up margot robbie l deadshot’s Will Smith, which started in the saga. was also the clown of Jared Leto, Sin embargo, las casas no fueron como esperaban.

Since Warner Bros. In postproduction, it was decided to make several improvements to the film. El ham tono oscuro que haya impuesto aire fue suesitudo por uno mas comic y gambero. In addition, the studio cut most of Leto’s scenes from Joker. everything caused it suicide squadron critically acclaimed and for the public. After that, the filmmaker wanted to apologize that his vision of the strap was not what was shown in cinemas.

Since then, many fans have kept the #ReleaseTheAyerCut campaign active on social networks. The company is required to Let Ayer Premiere Your Director’s Cut In suicide squadronas happened to him Justice League by Zack Snyder, Until now it seemed somewhat improbable, the director has confirmed that the new president of DC Studios, james gunnWhat he promises will be a reality.

Ayer took to his Twitter account to share a new Leto’s Joker photo Which was published by the actor himself some time ago. and when a fan reads it seven years have passed since that failure And you have to turn the page, the filmmaker explained why he didn’t, revealing Gunn’s words are what gave so much credence to followers who wanted an Ayer cut.

Could David Ayer premiere his director’s cut? suicide squadron,

“What is your advice on how to overcome this situation? There is genuine curiosity and interest in this on the part of many people. And I know there is another set of people who make fun of the film. Your comment is a perfect example of how the 2016 film magnetically attracts debates in a negative way. Have you ever had an experience in life that was not what you wanted, that pulled you down, that made you repeat everything? Yo see”, Ayer began his response.

“You all know that my film, which has not been seen, is much better than the studio. The interest with which my cut has been premiered feels genuine and organic. Y Gun tells me the time will come to do this”, then it turns out. So, if this is true, James Gunn and Peter Safran are in the middle of their plans to fulfill the wishes of David Ayer fans and the director’s cut. suicide squadron could see the light

“(Gunn) deserves to launch his DC universe without more dramas about old projects. Yo, in short, I’m hooked to this thing. I’m in a very complicated situation i take my best, Life is a strange journey. Welcome to My Charla Ted”, concluded the director.

Will David Ayer be able to premiere his directorial debut Squadron Suicida?

Gunn’s promise to Eyre assumes that, in the very long run, he suicide squadron Will see the light again. puede que se en cine o puede que en streaming, as happened with Snyder’s strap. In any case, if this second chance is confirmed, it will be very surprising. Especially when Gunn was in charge of directing the new version of that story.

director in 2021 Guardians of the Galaxy your personal sled suicide squadronThe success of the reboot met with someone who wanted to scuttle any ties Ayer’s film had with the franchise. The current president of DC Studios Tan only recycled some of the characters Like Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang or Amanda Waller. The rest were replaced. However, it looks like the friendship between the two directors may be central to David Ayer and his dream. air cut Be true

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