‘I want my space to express myself,’ says Joao Cortes about genderless fashion.

João Cortes comes out against orthodoxy. A fan of fashion and genderless behavior, he draws attention to setting himself in a landscape (TV) where the dissolution of masculine and feminine ideas still faces strong barriers. As far as GLMRMThe 28-year-old actor talks about the topic in a fluid, gender-free interview. check out!

Photo: Angelo Pontes

GLMRM: What is your relationship with fashion in general?

JC: I never paid attention and I put a lot of energy into it. That didn’t give me the trouble and time to look at it and pay attention, you know? But at the same time, I didn’t make my mark anywhere. From the pandemic till now, there was a revolution in me and then I turned on that trigger. I started getting involved in fashion. I was experiencing internal changes, my own evolutionary processes as a human being and as an artist, while also paralleling my own questions about my sexuality, gender and sexual orientation.

GLMRM: How long have you been embracing genderless fashion?

JC: I started paying attention to it in 2019, because that was the beginning of connecting with the world of dance and getting broadcast there. There are so many genderless costumes, so many clothes, dresses, pictures in this universe… As an actor and artist, I want my space to express myself. I also noticed on social media that actors I admired started posting in clothes that I found very interesting. It was a process of creating awareness, which happened gradually.

GLMRM: What is your main division?

JC: Boots with platform heels. I used it for the first time in recording a short film. I started wearing these shoes on the street and felt the revolution firsthand, because as a man, apart from the way you express yourself, your posture also changes.

GLMRM: Does fashion interfere with one’s personality?

JC: We can see a lot in parties, concerts that people want to talk about and express. A hat, a necklace, a skirt… I’m paying close attention to this.

Photo: Angelo Pontes

GLMRM: How do you try to influence your audience through fashion?

JC: As an artist and a gay man, I feel a great responsibility to bring something to this conversation to connect and open the minds of those who follow me.

GLMRM: Which artists’ genderless fashion have you been inspired by?

JC: Timothée Chalamet, even though he is a straight man, has become a fashion icon, I think the clothes he wears are cool. Also Zendaya, a very strong icon for the younger generation, as well as Billy Porter, a man who dared and was the first person to appear at the Oscars in a dress.

GLMRM: Clothing that you think will never go out of style?

JC: Bet on the skirt. And the beret, which I think looks beautiful on anyone, and the glasses with clear lenses, light or dark.

GLMRM: Do you believe there is still prejudice around genderless fashion?

JC: We still have a long way to go, especially in Brazil. I believe we are at the beginning of everything, but we are evolving. People need a lot of courage and fearlessness. It takes a lot of courage to be who you are, give yourself permission to wear whatever you want, and wear clothes that make you feel comfortable.

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