How many years do cats live? How true are the seven lives?

cats They can live much longer than dogs, especially if they are domesticated and have Good quality of life and health under constant control.

according to the assessment PetMdthe average cat lives between 13 and 17 years oldsome live up to 20 years without serious complications.

The main factors causing cats to live longer is proper nutrition from birth, a healthy lifestyle, constant medical supervision, high-quality breeding and good genetics.

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The fact that they cat breed It also affects your age. According to experts, mixed cat breeds tend to represent hereditary diseases rarer than in purebred cats, even their life expectancy is two years longer than in small cats.

homeless cats or with little control in their lifestyle, they may live half the average lifespan because they are more prone to infectious disease, injury, or have parasites such as fleas, ticks, or intestinal parasites that can make them sick.

So far, there is no magic potion or hero’s path like the one he went through. Puss in Boots in a movie about last wish In order to live longer, there are a number of habits and care that owners can put into practice to help them prolong their lives.

– Here’s what cat owners can do:

– Stay up to date with all required vaccinations

– Compliance with preventive and medical examinations.

-Encourage daily exercise and cat play.

– Encourage physical exercise and daily play

– Provide a stress-free atmosphere

– Watch for changes in behavior or changes in the cat’s well-being

– Watch for changes in diet or fluid intake

Among many myths that surround the existence of feline species emphasizes the life they must preserve.

According to science, cats don’t have many lives. The idea that cats live more than one life because of English proverb which says: “A cat has nine lives. On three he plays, on three he is lost, and on the last three he remains.

IN Turkish and Arabic legends cats have six lives, while in Latin American countries like Mexico they say that cats cats have seven lives.

There is no evidence of where such a proverb was first written, or when exactly the beliefs began in the Middle East and Latin America; however, William Shakespeare wrote in his work Romeo and Juliet the following proposal for nine lives of cats: “Good cat king, no more than one of your nine lives.”

The proverb was created before the 16th century, when a literary work was created.

In accordance with The sciencethe belief in nine lives may have had its origin in the charm and cult that the ancient Egyptians had for cats over 12,000 years ago, especially for goddess bastet who had the ability to repeatedly transform from a human into a cat and vice versa.

The number nine is special and important in numerologyfirstly, because it consists of three bodies of three, and secondly, because it symbolizes various religious cultures, such as Roman Catholic, Islamic and Greek and third, because it is an analogy of cats that come back to life many times if the nine is reversed.

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