Gustavo Conti spoke at length about Silvina Luna’s health: “I don’t like that they say she’s a ‘barbarian’ because she’s not.”

Gustavo Conti reveals details about Silvina Luna’s health

“Little by little it gets’s very, very slow,” the journalist said this week. Cecilia Marty in the air Tennessee regarding the state of health Silvina Luna, who was admitted to an Italian hospital for three months. At a hospital located in the autonomous city of Buenos Aires, she overcame a difficult condition when she was intubated in intensive care, and these days she remains under observation.

Faced with this panorama broadcast on a news signal, the person who spoke was Gustavo Contimodel’s friend after they met in the second local edition Big Brother. He did this in a dialogue with Pablo Laius and in very harsh terms spoke about the true state of the model. “Don’t believe so much, it’s not true either. He recovers very little by little, the process is very slow. It’s not good and it’s going like hell, sorry for the expression,” the couple began, expressing Ximena Capristo and denial of information suggesting an improvement in Silvina’s condition.

“Imagine a person with the mobility that Silvina Luna had in her life, and suddenly found herself in an open bed … This is not good. I don’t like what they say that she is a barbarian, because she is not a barbarian, she is shit, she gets high, every day she fights a little for her life, “the actor added on this occasion.

Silvina Luna, Jimena Capristo and Gustavo Conti

“He’s a little better. She’s not intubated in a coma like she was twenty days ago. Lightning struck suddenly because at some point we all thought the worst. She managed to extubate, she moved forward, but it wasn’t like she got up and went to the bathroom.”, Gustao explained about this and, as it were, to reduce expectations and speculation about the health of the former Vedetta.

“She is better, but she is far from being the Silvina Luna she used to be. We all wait for lightning to strike and say, “Hey, look what happened, he suddenly got out of bed” and no. When I went to her, my jaw dropped to the floor.“, – said the ex-participant Big Brother.

Similarly, Conti spoke about the decision of the medical board dealing with Silvina’s recovery to put her on bridging therapy. “It was like encouraging her to put her first and start because they are on dialysis and she is broke,” he explained. And Laius also asked her if Luna knew about everything that she had experienced in the last three months. “Yes, she knows everything. I believe in her above all. And well, I will continue to pray, like every day,” Gustavo concluded.

It should be remembered that Silvina He suffers from kidney failure as a result of aesthetic interventions performed on him by the doctor Anibal Lototsky. in 2011. After that, the model gradually began to notice that her health was deteriorating until he developed hypercalcemia, which led to kidney failure. In the last year, according to Silvina, she has been preparing for an organ transplant in order to be able to continue her life without being subjected to dialysis 3 times a week for 4 hours each time. All this was until he became infected with bacteria that caused him a serious illness, which He kept her close to death.

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