Emmy-Winning Actor Who Had to Sell His House for a Hollywood Huelga: “Ya Hubbles Me Matado De Humbre”

The actor who had to sell his house for Huelga

The furor they’ve sparked in Hollywood and the rest of the world has taken weeks to reach its peak, and unfortunately it’s having an impact on the ground with productions being halted, postponed or outright cancelled. Above all, actors and screenwriters are losing money and, many of them, including their own homes. From screenwriters or the humblest actors to the biggest Hollywood stars, no one is safe from paying rent and that is exactly what happened with one of the great faces of contemporary television and she is no less than an award winner. Amy,

Billy Porter is an American actor and singer known mainly for the series to erect In ryan murphy, which brought me international recognition after a long career in Broadway theatre. However, neither the success nor the critical acclaim validated Porter to retain one of his most prized works, Your Home. The actor recently admitted in an interview that as a result of Huelga, he had to put his house up for sale. ,I don’t know when we will go back to work. The life of an artist, unless you make a lot of money – which you still don’t – is check after checkPorter revealed.

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Porter appeared a few years ago senicienta, new adaptation of the classic story with Camila Cabello as the protagonist and Porter in the role of Hada Madrina, something that raised some controversy as it was a role that had always been assigned to a woman. In addition, the actor comments that he has new projects behind him with the theme of Huelga being lost: “It was believed that he was going to participate in a new film and a new television program starting in September. Nothing like this is happening”.

During the interview, Porter remembered the message bob iger, CEO of Disney and who believed that the demands of screenwriters and actors regarding pay and conditions were not realistic. Also from the comment that filtered in from a high executive that the studio would extend Huelga “until union members started losing their apartments and houses”, a rumor that had already raised Ron Perlman’s displeasure. And he was similarly silent. Coolie. “May the Jodan. Ya me habeis matado de hambre”, the actor declared.

It is clear that there are some actors, no matter how high their salaries, who are taking to the street to protest and support studios that intend to take advantage of others’ work on the ground, but they Intend to continue doing so. Stay off the coast of the heyday of new technologies for many years artificial intelligence, “It is frustrating to hear people dismiss huelugas as just a handful of millionaires trying to get more millionaires. Suppose we have no rights. Meanwhile, the rest of us got six-cent checks”, Porter concluded in a huff.

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