Ed Sheeran interrupted his concert for a special request

As part of their successful tour, El Prestigious Ed Sheeran mesmerized the spectators present in the stadium tip In Kansas City 5 August However, the concert took an unexpected turn when a couple in public put up a poster with a special message for the artist, asking him to reveal the sex of their child. What followed was a magical and emotional moment that will remain etched in the memory of all present.

Ed Sheeran

during his explanationExcellent”, Ed Sheeran decided to fulfill the couple’s wish and suspended his performances for the time being. With emotions in the air, the musician took to the stage to share his feelings with the crowd:I’ll sing ‘Perfect’ again, but I feel like it’s the first time I’ve done anything like it, As the suspension escalated, Sheeran finally said on the news: “It’s a girl!”, An emotional riot broke out in the stadium.

The video of the emotional moment also captured the reaction of the public to the pair. While the white-clad woman’s eyes welled up with tears, her companion flashed an ear-to-ear smile. Sheeran happily hands out the revelatory papers to future priests, sharing his own experiences as a priest in the process:I can round up two sons as priests, it’s unbelievable. to encourage,

Ed Sheeran interrupts his concert due to a special public request
Ed Sheeran interrupts his concert due to a special public request

For her part, the heroine of the emotional moment, Erica García Gómez, did not hold back and expressed her thanks directly to Ed Sheeran and photographer TeddysPhotos for making the night an unforgettable memory: “However, I cannot believe that something has been done for us. Thanks to all Felices Desios, really we appreciate them very much. But above all, thank you Ed Sheeran for making this a night to remember. Thanks also to TeddysPhotos for capturing this special moment for us,

Photo: Capture on Pentala Instagram

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