Cine de Oro: the sad disease that marked the child of “Woodbear” from “Pepe el Toro”

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Today we will talk about the sad disease that marked child from the “Oso Carpintero” scene in “Pepe el Toro”one of the most iconic films Golden Cinema.

This tape was released in 1953. Directed by Ismael Rodriguez, starring Pedro Infantean actor who awakened desire in a famous Televisa actress.

A fragment of the film is one of the most memorable in Russian cinema, as “Idolo de Guamuchil” was sung by three children. One of the participants was a little girl sitting in a perikere.

“He was a carpenter bear who lived very poorly // He cried because his bear cubs screamed at him from hunger // A magpie stole his hammer, nails and saw // He cried because his tool could not be bought,” — expressed in the first stanza of the melody.

Seven decades have passed since the publication of the audiovisual material. Despite this, it turns out that two years ago the communicators of the México Unconocido portal managed to find what the charismatic kid was.

We are talking about a woman named Rocio Gilabert, born January 21, 1952. Golden Movie Actress he is currently 71 years old.

Photo: film “Pepe el Toro” (screenshot)

Unfortunately, she was unable to continue her performance in the artistic environment, despite the fact that at a minor age she easily adapted to film sets.

What happened to the child “Oso Carpintero” from “Pepe el Toro”?

In an interview with México Desconocido, Rocío Gilabert said that when she was young, she and her family were neighbors of the man in charge of extras for films that were filmed at Churubusco Studios.

Therefore, she was taken to the casting of the film “Bull Pepe”. But chance did not do the whole thing: seeing her, Pedro Infante He was delighted and did not hesitate to spend a few minutes downloading it.

It is in this context that the scene ‘Bear-woodpecker’, So the “King of the Rancher” took a small ukulele and began to sing to the youngest.

After seeing this memorable moment, Ismael Rodriguez called two more children from the performance to enjoy the atmosphere. So this fragment got into the final tape.

Rocío Gilabert said that as a result of this performance, she received 50 pesos and the opportunity to act as an extra in two more films: “Those Who Should Not Be Born” (1953) and “Notorious” (1954).

Unfortunately, his career was derailed because he contracted polio. Although she retired from the world of entertainment, her family and timely medical attention helped her to rehabilitate.

it was like that Child “Oso Carpintero” from “Pepe el Toro” was marked by illnessafter a brief immersion in The Age of Golden Cinema.

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