AEMA’s new board of directors wants to bring its services closer to those who have been diagnosed

Wednesday, August 9, 2023 at 10:19 pm

The Multiple Sclerosis Association of Almeria -AEMA-, a member of the Almeria Federation of Associations of People with Disabilities, FAAM, recently held its Extraordinary General Meeting where the team at the head of the Board of Directors was renewed.

Eugenia Márquez and her current president have suffered, as well as one who, over the next few years, aims to bring the association closer to those who are first diagnosed with this disease that affects the immune system.

AEMA is a non-profit organization founded in 1996, with which “we want to provide coverage and support to new members at such a difficult time to receive a diagnosis of the disease,” says Marquez, who also points out that the association does not only carry out direct work caregivers, but we are also open to providing support and advice to families and caregivers.

Maria Hernandez, AEMA social worker, claims that the first intervention she develops with a new partner is an accompaniment: “After receiving a diagnosis, insecurity is a very common feeling, and in this first interview, it is important to say what kind of disease it is, what it is. disease”. assistance exists, as does our work to directly intervene with those affected.”

The new board of directors consists of President Eugenia Marquez; Floarei’s secretary Maria Martar; treasurer Maria Hernandez; member Salvador Fuentes; member Francisco Berenguel and member Isabel Martinez.

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