23 Celebrities Who Turned Out Cooking

It was assumed this month that, following his detention in Thailand, the restaurants Lime and Corner associated with chef Daniel Sancho were closed. The man who allegedly ended the life of Edwin Arrieta worked at an American-style hamburger stand, boogiewhich recently opened its doors in the Madrid neighborhood of Malasana.

Although they haven’t had time to settle, the hamburger trend seemed like this place could work thunder And for the good reviews it received. Autoros que no legeron a operant fueron los restaurant de Laura Ascens and Risto Mejide (in Tigre, Barcelona) that closed shortly after opening; And written by Isabel Pantoja in Fuengirola, which I did not save or viralize the recipe polo a la pantoja,

Despite various proposals for restoration and the rigors of dormitories in cities such as Madrid, there are only a few Celebrities who pledged to open restaurants To find new avenues of profitability, Conozadores del Refran Que Dice Que You shouldn’t put all holes in one basket, Here are some links:

Antonio Banderas

in addition to being part of el pimpiOne of Málaga’s most emblematic bars, owned by actor Antonio Banderas – one of the city’s biggest ambassadors – already has four restaurants in one location. the last one, la pergola del mediterraneomanaged to survive a test of masterchef celebrity,

But it is the younger brother of the family that is also part of Doña Inés, La Barra de Doña Inés, Atrezo and Tercera Ecto, all of which are in Málaga and with traditional dishes from the region. La Pergola del Mediterraneo can be estimated to be near pedro moriano leading the stove and found in the dependence of the Real Club Mediterraneo, del tercer ecto group,

bad bunny

author of romantic a summer without you And a member of one of the most unlikely pairings of the past few years (the one that makes up with it). Kendall Jenner) has its own restaurant, although not in its original location Puerto Rico, but in Miami. called geckothe artist’s final project is a steak House and Japanese-inspired lounges, which is why they stand out sushi, roast beef and cocktails.

mario hermoso

mario hermoso is the first of many Football Players which appear on this list because the sports sector is one of the areas with the most focus on restoration. Atlético de Madrid’s defense is in position log, Located on Calle Padilla in Madrid, this is a contemporary Japanese tavern with a touch of Spanish gastronomy and which counts with José Osuna as the head of the kitchen.

Sandra Bullock

Bullock is an actress as well as a mistress Walton’s Fancy and StaplesA restaurant located in the heart of Austin (Texas), known for its excellent food, unique atmosphere and charming decor. Open since 2009, in addition to promoting healthy eating, it sells items such as hybrid bread, flowers, drinks and food on the go.

Robert De Niro

Actor Robert De Niro’s ambitious chain of hotels, named after a Japanese chef (nobu matsuhisa) and he showrunner Mir Teper has a new Nobu headquarters in the heart of Alcalá Street in Madrid, consisting of a three-story restaurant, bar and terraces, all under a design signed by Studio PCH, also the authors of the Nobu Hotel in San Sebastián.

Richard Alexander

Behind TukTuk Asian Street Food, a Thai-inspired restaurant with multiple locations in Madrid, is Ricardo Alexander, an artist who has worked with such iconic actors. Jean Claude Van Damme, Jackie Chan and Elijah Wood. Perhaps for this reason, it is not surprising that such films Grand pianoBlack Mask and the Deadly Experiment,

Rafa Nadal, Enrique Iglesias, Pau Gasol and Cristiano Ronaldo

The Tatel chain has some establishments with its headquarters in Madrid, Ibiza, Beverly Hills, Miami or Riyadh. It serves up Spanish cuisine with the brushstrokes to bring it all up to date… and live music. you follow the founders Rafa Nadal and Enrique Iglesias, who formed the company in 2015, Until later, Pau Gasol and Cristiano Ronaldo also made the team.

Marcos Llorente, Ibai Gomez and Marco Asensio

Returning to fútbolistas, the bombastic Marcos Llorente is joined by Ibai Gomez – Queens Contaban or Con La Cadena naked and satisfied– and Marco Asensio. Restaurant with very diverse menu, to open late 2021 Cook Roberto Basket at ChuecaMadrid.

joaquin sabina

This is one of the giants of this list, pews the bite Opened its first establishment in the late nineties. This Mexican Restaurant That Means a Lot to You 16th place It is characterized by its full of colors and its painted walls and shabby phrases; This is the responsibility of Joaquin Sabina.

Andres Velencoso

From madrid to girona, peus fue en tosa de mar where the priest Andrés Velencoso founded Casa Andrés, a place that was later renovated and updated by the actor himself. It serves Mediterranean cuisine with an avant-garde touch.

jonan virgo

Ale influencer and former contestant survivor 2023 You are also a businessman. In addition to the recent business of sexual lubricants, it also takes your partner along Christian Thomas Guacamole restaurant from summer 2021. Located in Valencia, it offers 100% menu plant based and healthy.

mengual gemma

acclaimed Olympic medalist Gemma Mengual in synchronized swimming hosts the Asian restaurant Sugoi (Carrer de Manel Fares, 39, Sant Cugat del Valles) one that especially shines in Makiz, Sushi Rolls, and Gyoza.

Justin Timberlake

singer Justin Timberlake, beside Sam Fox and accounts with the company AvroKO, twelve thirty club in Nashville (USA). With different plants and different concepts like honky tonk, accompanied by country music; he he Roof, more focused on cocktails; o A supper club featuring live music.

Ryan Gosling

In addition to being one of the heroes of the movie of the year, the actor has his own restaurant, with Ben Benamoor at the head of the kitchen. Tagine called and focused on luxury Moroccan gastronomy, works since almost 20 years ago in Beverly Hills.

Leo Messi

Located inside the MIM Hotel in Andorra, Leo Messi’s Hincha restaurant features many of the footballer’s favorite dishes, but like him, has been redesigned by chef Nandu Zubani. Hincha Gold Balloon,

lucito communicates

Luisito Communicates, one of the youtube users More familiar in the U.S., Fasfu counts with the burger, which premiered in Spain with a Ghostly Kitchen, but now counts with a local one in Chueca. it’s typical of them hamburger thunder And it has vegetarian options.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Lewis Hamilton

With 11 locations worldwide, Neat Burger This is primarily the Una chain of hamburgers. plant based whose partners include names like Lewis Hamilton and Leonardo DiCaprio, highlighting the restaurant’s innovation in finding alternative foods that benefit everyone from consumption. Environment,

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