yellin and tekashi69 living together

( His relationship with Anuel Aa, who has a daughter, singer Yellin La Mas Viral, after it ended amid controversyformalized her new engagement with American rapper Tekashi 69.

The pair were seen together for the first time to record the theme for the month of June last “Father”, Esto Lugo de los Papas de la Pequena Cattleya feverishly announced their separation.

Seeing the success of the theme, Tekashi sent Yellin expensive gifts as a show of appreciation, which gradually became inseparable, to the extent that the two canceled their appearances at the Youth Awards, after which he visited the Dominican Republic. Rapero denied entry.

Since then, the cast began seeing each other at several points, generating rumors of a possible relationship which were confirmed moments later.

Now, Magazine people en español rdiscovers that the couple qI used to take a big step and stay together, Because he has homes in both Miami and the Dominican Republic.

For his part, Anuel AA has remained aside on the topic of the relationship with his ex-wife and has dedicated himself to issuing allusions in his songs to one of his ex-newcomers, Karol G.

The theme is called “Baby”, a collaboration he did with Quavo, a mix of trap and alternative styles produced by DJ Luian, Mambo Kingz and Hydro, many convinced it was Anuel’s wish. Karol ji should return with him.

“All the kids in town have been messaging me, but what I love is that I left the bride and ‘we’re getting engaged (…) If it’s in a process, I just left. JLO Return as Ben Affleck”, say some verses of the theme.

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