Will Smith’s toughest role in one of his latest movies: “I was very young. I was in tears”

Will Smith in ‘Hasia La Libertad’

it’s been over a year Will Smith win an oscar for Williams methodthe film that gives life Richard Williamspriests of tennis players Vesper or Nirmal, It’s also been over a year since that night, when I was the hero of the award on the field, but it was better because of what happened before receiving it, when I jumped on stage to slap the presenter. chris rock En Mitad de la Gala. Since then the actor has had a long period of reflection, though he admits he went through a worse phase while shooting for one of his earlier films, to freedom,

Actor interpreter and Smith’s good friend, Kevin Hart, known for roles such as jumanji: welcome to the jungle Chain die heart who act together john travolta, Smith told Hart that he was “too young” to shoot his last film, to freedomA play about slavery that premiered on stage Apple TV+ On December 2022

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Inspired by the real case of an African-American slave, Will Smith brought to life Peter, a man who desperately wanted to escape the clutches of slavery in the state of Louisiana to reunite with his family. It was the first film Smith made to win an Oscar, but it was the reason the actor left the set to bare his skin. To the extent that I was emotionally affected while shooting the film, I had to lift chains that largely mimicked the condition of slaves.

,i was too lazy bring freedom I start crying as soon as I mention this. I wanted to feel the ravages of slavery and I succeeded. That level of human cruelty… I had chains on my ass and we were working. I wanted their actual weight. I wanted real chains. I put them on my ass and they were adjusting them to size and the utility master went to key and it didn’t work”, reports Will Smith.

Despite suffering, especially during these moments, the actor admits it was an experience he did not regret, as he “had to face that level of torture himself” and was thus able to understand. What phase his character was going through. director antoine fuqua ,training Day), the film was a critical success, thanks in a good part to Smith’s poignant interpretation, which, since winning the Oscar, has become more recognizable than ever, at least on a theatrical level.

Perhaps because of all this, the actor is taking a short break after winning the Oscar and making his debut. to freedom, and you will have to wait for some time to see it get executed again. The actor has postponed the sequel to premiere bad boys for Life, which will be the fourth part of the fun saga in which she starred opposite Martin Lawrence and is currently in the final stages of its postproduction process. The rest of his films are still in very early stages or straight in hand, at least to see him from his aspect as an actor.

Because as an executive producer, Will Smith is experiencing his authentic zenith and has several more projects pending or already in progress, as was the case with the miniseries bel air, a remake of the series he popularized but with a dramatic character and in which he made a brief cameo as a guineo for his character. Smith has developed other series Urban Youth Racing School hey pillar to pillarLooking forward to new films that meet the great ambitions of the interpreter and the challenges that now seem to be coming.

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