When will the sequel with Anne Hathaway be released?

“The Princess Diaries” is a beloved classic of the romantic comedies of the early 2000s. The compelling story of teen Mia’s discovery of her royal roots has captured the hearts of audiences of all ages. Now, nearly two decades after the last sequel, a third film in the franchise has been confirmed by Disney, and lead Anne Hathaway has expressed her excitement over the news.

“The Princess Diaries”: A Return to the Past

Released in 2002, “The Princess Diaries” featured a strong cast in addition to Hathaway, including Julie Andrews, Mandy Moore, Robert Schwartzman, Sandra Oh and Heather Matarazzo. The plot, adapted from the books of Meg Cabot, has delighted audiences around the world with its mix of comedy, romance and self-discovery. The sequel, released in 2004, cemented the franchise as one of the most beloved films of the genre, leaving an undeniable legacy in cinema history.

In a recent interview with the international press, Hathaway spoke about the confirmation that “The Princess Diaries 3″ is in production. Although she hasn’t confirmed her involvement in the film, the actress has expressed her excitement over the positive response from the public to the news of the sequel. “It is exciting to see the enthusiasm. We feel the same way and I know it’s probably very frustrating to wait,” Hathaway said, noting that the last sequel was released almost two decades ago. The actress also revealed that filming took a while. process, and asked worried fans to be patient.

“The Princess Diaries 3”: What We Know So Far

Despite rumors of “The Princess Diaries 3” being in production for some time, official confirmation only came in late 2022. Hopefully the new film will bring back the original cast, continuing the story rather than restarting it. However, details like synopsis or premiere prediction are yet to be released. While the wait for the new sequel continues, fans can relive the magic of the first two films on the Disney+ streaming platform.

Anticipation for the return of “The Princess Diaries” is high not only among fans of the franchise, but among the original cast as well. With the promise of continuing the beloved story of Mia Thermopolis, “The Princess Diaries 3” is set to be a huge success. While we wait for more details, we can only speculate about the adventures that will take place in the third part of the saga of our beloved princess.

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