Vaqueros as Lavar in Verano 2023

Fashion houses to give you a light twist, especially in Zapatos, are ichando mano de las reference del lejano oeste summer trends 2023 ¿La clave en está oportunidad? Heavy and sculpted tacon.

Los Zapatos Vaqueros or the definitive microtrend of summer 2023

Several influential brands have chosen the cowboy spirit as inspiration for their collections during the past two seasons. Names topping the list include Ralph Lauren, Tom Ford or dior with their respective Crucero 2023 parades. In their proposals, the designers convey to us the idea of ​​a sober and sensible masculinity, debunking the myth of the salvaged American West, but with Reinterpret its code throughout 2023get a completely modern and exclusive version of tacon shoesOne that celebrates independent femininity has become a microtrend we can’t ignore.

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Zapatos Bottega Veneta Spring-Summer 2023

on the parade catwalk spring-summer 2023The designers had a great time revisiting several silhouettes of iconic shoes such as puntiagudos shoes, and new Stella McCartney models with details inspired straight from the American West have been tested by Ello. infiniteism, Prada or Bottega Veneta Presented wide toe shoes and a sculpted heelSpeciality Los Botines Tan Popular Entre Las Chicas De La Moda As Emily Ratajkowski, Rita Ora or dua lipa, Will they make sacrifices in favor of these new objects of desire? without a doubt.

¿Como lavar la tendencia del tacon vaquero?

If you’re one of those people who doesn’t feel comfortable wearing cowboy boots during the warmer months, then this microtrend is for you, especially if you have a weakness for cowboy aesthetics. opt for A mule that allows you to spend the summer in comfortWithout any problems and keep it in the ground until it reaches the autumn season and beyond.


Stella McCartney Texan Mules


beige mules of sugarcane

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