These are the health risks of California’s superalgae bloom | Video | Univision 34 Los Angeles KMEX

that the city does not leaveparalyze.announcer: this segmentsponsored by Curacao.David: talking about the heatExtremely there are invisible effectswhat they destabilizeour ecosystem. examplethis is the image which is the worst waverecorded marine heat.between July and August willpromote itabove normal. thisalready affecting marine life inour shores.remember individual attackssea ​​lions backweeks? a combinationhistorical rains thatcaused the mixturepollution of rivers and seas,what to add thisexposure to extreme heat.result is effectcalled super bloomalgae that should not beproblem other than paintour shores are green, butthese algae producebiotoxin that penetratesfish and shellfisheaten by these lionsseafarers, resulting inpoisoned provokingsickness, somethingYou can pass. Many thingssea ​​lions eatconsumed by people.>> basically there isincrease in the number of microalgaeon the surface of the watercoast.when does the increasenutrients, mainlynitogen and ospho willgenerate more foodwhen the temperature is higherwhat will give morealgae growth and willhave a pretense at itzone.octavio: after stepsummer, algaedisappear pick upalready self-regulating, butthe effects of extreme heatupset the balance and nowwe are exposed to the navy andman to the derivatives of thiswe have global warmingcalled.worth checking that

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