The miniseries Gotas Divinas is already one of the best surprises of the year!

We give a lot of tips here. But he also gets a lot. i went to see divine drops, Apple TV Plus miniseries after a follower’s enthusiastic nomination. And I fell in love with this novel and mysterious story that takes place in the world of wine experts. There are eight episodes in the miniseries that covers so much that it’s quite possible you’ll watch it all in one “sitting” — while drinking wine, of course, hahaha.

The world’s most valuable wine collection – literally – is at stake between the two heirs of a famous winemaker. Camille (Fleur Geffrier) is the daughter of wine expert Alexandre Léger (the charming Stanley Weber, Count Saint Germain de outlander, He last saw her at the age of nine, after her parents’ divorce. Now he is informed of her death and called to Tokyo for the reading of her will. There, he learns that he can inherit his father’s prized wine cellar, but must pass three oenology tests in order to receive the inheritance. The problem is that it has two constraints. The first is Issei Tomine (Tomohisa Yamashita), Leger’s brilliant pupil, who is at loggerheads with him. and also the fact that she cannot drink a single dose of alcohol without becoming very ill.

what did i think

divine drops Based on a manga that was hugely successful in Japan, including helping to significantly increase consumption of the drink there. In the manga – of course, the main characters were two men, now replaced by a French woman. The Franco-Japanese production passes through as many languages ​​while going from France to Japan and Italy as if you were going to a neighboring city, hahaha. And that brings even more magic to the story that spans two timelines for both Camille and Issei.

I have already warned you that you will be completely involved in the story of who will win in the brawl. Yep, we get that there can be an element of suspense in wine tasting too, hahaha. At times, the story may seem bizarre, but it never stops being engaging. At other times, it may seem like it’s taking the path of fantasy, but it’s actually a celebration of the world of wine. Anyone interested in the subject will feel mesmerized by the description of the taste and aroma. Because all the characters love wine, and are devoted to it in their personal and professional lives. With all the sensational visuals and lighting – extremely cinematic.

All of Camille’s scenes are earthy, taking advantage of her red hair and strong face (she looks a lot like Jessica Chastain). Issei’s universe is all cool colors with a predominance of brown. The two are still in love – and Camille’s Thomas (Tom Wozniacka) is so cute, hahaha. In fact, the story has all the elements of a soap opera. But care and attention is what will surely make it a classic. One of the best surprises of the year.

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