“The Expendables 4” gets a subtitled trailer

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Imagem Films released the subtitled trailer of the new sequel to the “Mercenaries” franchise. Starring Sylvester Stallone and Jason Statham, “The Expendables 4” is directed by Scott Waugh (“Need for Speed”) and brings back veteran characters from the saga while introducing fresh faces like Megan Fox (“Midnight on Switchgrass”). The preview shows that this time around, Statham gets more prominence, but the action doesn’t begin until Stallone assembles the team for another explosive action-packed adventure.

Also returning are Dolph Lundgren (“Creed 2”) and Randy Couture (“Theft Among Thieves”), played by rapper 50 Cent (“Escape Route 3”), the aforementioned Megan Fox and Tony Jaos (“Monster Hunter”). New mercenaries have joined the army. ,

The cast also includes Andy Garcia (“Father of the Bride”), Echo Uwais (“Triple Threat”), Jacob Scipio (“Bad Boys 3”) and Levi Tran (“MacGyver”).

In the plot, the team faces a threat that could lead to a possible World War III. The mercenaries arrive with heavy weapons and intense firepower, embarking on a dangerous mission to eliminate terrorists who have captured nuclear missiles.

After 10 years of development comes the sequel

The first “Expendables” hit theaters in 2010, grossing $274.5 million against an $80 million budget. The sequel “The Expendables 2” (2012) grossed an impressive US$315 million, while “The Expendables 3” (2014) dropped to US$214 million. In total, the films grossed nearly $800 million at the worldwide box office.

Despite initial skepticism about a return to the franchise, producer Stallone, who wrote, directed and starred in the first feature film, put his ego aside for the film to be played by Statham.

After nearly 10 years of final production, “Mercinerios 4” is scheduled to be released in Brazil on September 21, a day before its debut in the United States.

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