Solteras de Oro | Celebrities who started 2023 married and are now single

Ya lo sing Shakira in her song: “Las mujeres ya no loran, las mujeres facturan”. A phrase that, despite having a tone of disapproval, has been an inspiration and an empowerment for many women, who have gained greater security and self-esteem, facilitating that their relationship was less painful.

singer Taylor Swift They decided to end their relationship after six years, but she was not the only celebrity to choose to travel alone. Sofia Vergara, Lucero, Ruth Lorenzo, Shakira, Ariana Grande, Rosalia, Tini, and now, Natalie Portman, They are some of the artists who have recently occupied the holders of the Spanish press because of their separation. Han has pinpointed and finalized your relationships, the details of which we got through your publications on your social networks.

This list of celebrities who started the year in a couple and ended up single includes Natalie Portman, who decided to separate after a few years of marriage.

las salteras de oro que que invoicing

singer Taylor Swift And British actor Joe Alwyn stopped believing in love and decided to part ways amicably, following the natural course of their lives. Their relationship started in late 2016 and according to their allegations was healthy and solid. difference from the relationship of pic and shakira Which eventually ended up involving third parties.

After a few days of intense rumors in the press about alleged infidelity on the part of the FC Barcelona football player, Shakira and Piqué finally announced their separation after 12 years of relationship and two children. Despite expressions of affection between Rosalia and Roy Alejandro, both have agreed to end their commitment. Too, Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied Han breaks down after rumors of infidelity.

However, these couples are not the only ones who have decided to end their relationship during this year, unfortunately, other new separations of the famous have occurred: millionaire Kylie Jenner with rapper Travis Scott after other moments of breakup, almost Like actress Belén Rueda and her ex-boyfriend pilot Javier Artem or Fernando Alonso and Austrian journalist Andrea Schlager after a three-year relationship.


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