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Disney princesses have been criticized for promoting a stereotypical image of women where young women are the ones in trouble most of the time. Over time the House of Raton has modified this legend by letting the princes

Female characters are constructed within patriarchal discourses that fit women into societal roles with unrealistic standards. Something special happens with Disney princesses, because the goal of their life is to find love, get married and create a beautiful family. The ideal dream, that’s what we used to believe as we grew up with these stories where women should wait for their ideal prince and sacrifice everything for him. this pattern is repeated Blanca Nieves, senicienta, sleeping time, sirenita, la bella y la bestia…. And the list goes on.

La Casa del Raton presented us with completely unrealistic women with high standards of beauty. However most of them encounter a villain so they will be protected by the one who will love them for eternity. Apart from this, we also have some exceptions, like mulanA strong and brave woman, who certainly had to disguise herself as a man to protect her family’s honor and earn the respect of her people., But she also had her boyfriend, General Li Shang, who for many may be one of Disney’s first bisexual characters.

Over time, the company has bet on another class of fiction that boasts its female characters, and includes princesses. Of course, some live-action movies have had some modifications, the most recent example being sirenita by Halle Bailey, where she changed some of the original song’s lyrics promoting sexist attitudes. Of course, there is still a long way to go, but there are proposals that have taken over the idea of ​​Damisela in trouble, which we will share with you next and which you can watch on Disney Plus.


First on the list is the fearless Merida. Valiente was one of the first films to break down the idea of ​​monogamous relationships. Therein, the young princess is bound to commit herself, a generational practice in her kingdom – and in which many women live -, for which her priests prepare a tournament to find the best poster. The young lady will challenge family tradition in search of her own path.


Of course, Elsa from Frozen can’t disappear. There is also a romance between Princess Anna and Kristoff in this 2013 film, La Reina de las Nieves is not in prison to start a relationship, she only focuses on her powers as well as her love for her family and friends. For many people, this sexual disinterest may be due to the fact that you are gay, however, loneliness does not define your sexual preference.


One of the princesses to be celebrated is Moana, who will of course have a live-action one starring Dwayne Johnson. In this story Vayana, Find out that your village is being destroyed by the semi-deciduous Maui, who caused a crop failure after stealing the goddess Te Fiti’s heart., Both will unite to bring peace to their village. The description of the product was received more than a year ago. Who said princesses can’t have only friends? Here you have the test.

‘Rai Y El Ultimo Dragon’

Raya is one of the freshest stories of princesses. In the film, the focus is entirely on a lone warrior, the young woman, who must locate a mythical dragon in order to restore her village. The adventure revolves around her, which is why there are no princes. But unlike other cases, on this occasion we met Namari, with whom they have a close relationship and the feelings of one for the other are a bit obvious, which is why for many it was about the first lesbian princess. It doesn’t stop until Disney confirms it.

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