Science clears link between fish and prostate cancer

In 2013, a study of British men by the National Cancer Institute found that eating fish may increase the risk of prostate cancer. In particular, they targeted bluefish and Omega 3 whom they held as guilty. Ten years later, a great study brought together all the research in this area to come to a conclusion.

Scientists from the Isfahan University of Medical Sciences (Iran) delved into various studies conducted on fish and prostate cancer. They cleaned various analyzed fish and studied the participants’ eating habits as well as their lifestyle.

With all the information they reasoned that there is no association between eating these animals and prostate tumors. In fact, researchers have found that some people like Tuna may even be helpful in reducing the risk of this cancer by 12% if consumed at 20 grams per day. The reason is that among the beneficial effects of omega-3 reducing inflammation organs, which is one of the factors contributing to the occurrence of this type of cancer.

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Eating fish does not cause prostate cancer, but is not considered protective.

However, scientists from the Iranian center wanted to clarify in their scientific article published in the journal Frontiers in Nutrition that they don’t want to understand that eating fish is directly linked to a lower chance of developing prostate cancer.. The authors of the study remind that more detailed tests and more in-depth studies are needed to confirm the hypothesis, and that there are other more determining factors.

Data on prostate cancer, the second most common in the world, shows that the lowest incidence is recorded based on dietary habits and other aspects. The main risk factors are the presence family history, aging (probably will appear after 50 years), high fat diet And high androgen levels (testosterone).

In this sense, the Mediterranean diet, the contribution of vitamin D and an active lifestyle help Spain has one of the lowest rates patients with prostate cancer. In particular, according to the Cancer Observatory, in 2022, 33,341 new cases of cancer were diagnosed and 6,112 people died from this cause.

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