Sabrina Carpenter: who is the singer who will open Taylor Swift’s Latin America concert?

sabrina carpenter, A talented American artist best known for her involvement in Disney and Netflix productions has found success releasing her own music. This 2023, he will arrive in Latin America to delight us with his talent as a screenwriter ‘The Eras Tour’ In Taylor Swift,

Here we tell you everything you need to know about the new this is girl,

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Your career is impressive!

Who is Sabrina Carpenter?

she is a super talented singer and actress Pennsylvania, United States He 11 May 1999, I’m sure she’s recognized for her involvement in Disney series and several Netflix movies, but she’s also released her own music that we’re sure you’ll love. From catchy songs to deep lyrics, the 24-year-old girl has a unique style that has won thousands of fans across the globe.

sabrina carpenter movies and series

Girl Meets World (Disney Channel) – 2014- 2017

the plot is as follows relrowan blanchard and your inseparable friend, Maya HeartcarpenterFacing the challenges of life while entering seventh grade. The series takes place in New York City, where Cory and Topanga move to at the end of the series.Boy Meets World’,


The series is so funny!

A Child’s Adventure (Disney Original Movies) – 2016

when an ordinary night takes a surprising turn Jenny (Sabrina) or Lola (Sophia Carson)Among the children, embark on an exciting journey to find the child who ran away while in his care.

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At My Height (Netflix) – 2019

In high school, a tall young woman finds love in an attractive classmate, leading to an unlikely love triangle. You’ll soon realize that your doubts about your height have blinded you to your own worth and authenticity.

Clouds (Disney+) – 2022

In his last year of high school, Zack Sobiek shared his song titled ‘Clouds’ on YouTube. The topic quickly went viral, resulting in a record contract and the opportunity to perform a concert.

Work On It: El Tempo De Los Sueños (Netflix)

With a lot of dedication, an 18-year-old gets closer to excellence. Committed to the art of dance, she embarks on the path of perfection, aspiring to excel in the next competition.

sabrina carpenter album

The artist’s musical career includes five studio albums. Next, we tell you which they are:

  1. Eyes open – 2015
  2. Development – 2016
  3. Solo: Act I – 2018
  4. Solo: Act II – 2019
  5. I can’t send email 2022

The Email I Can’t Send is one of your best albums!

Who is Sabrina Carpenter’s bride?

For now, the artist is enjoying his solateria. However, he has been associated with Shawn Mendes, Dylan O’Brien or Joshua Bassett. It was the last one that inspired his song ‘Because I Liked a Boy’., After The mediocrity love triangle formed by Alos and Olivia Rodrigo,

Setlist by Sabrina Carpenter on ‘The Eras Tour’ Mexico

Nothing is confirmed though, but we can give you an idea, thanks Show In ‘Lollapalooza’. Here we are leaving you some songs that you can sing in our country!

  1. read your mind
  2. Wicked
  3. Wing
  4. tornado season
  5. already over
  6. looking at me
  7. bet you want
  8. opposed to
  9. Paris
  10. Sue me
  11. fast time
  12. because i liked a boy
  13. Nonsense

However, it should be remembered that set list May be different. What is the reason? The opening act usually lasts for 30 minutes.

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