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The next Ink Wizard Champion in League of Legends could be related to Fiddlesticks in some way. One Reddit user took a deep dive into the story to find out how.

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Ink Mage in LoL: what does it have to do with Fiddlesticks? | © RiotGames

The next League of Legends champion will be Briar, a vampire jungler, coming out later this year. But once it’s out, players won’t care about the next champion, right? Luckily, one League of Legends fan was already looking for clues about the next ink mage for the mid lane. One of the interesting facts he found is a possible connection between this new champion and our favorite scarecrow, Fiddlesticks.

Ink Wizard in LoL: how can they be related to Fiddlesticks?

Over the past few years, Riot has changed the way champion lore is revealed by adding small hints to various IP addresses. Recently, the name “Vester” popped up in a VALORANT preview, hinting at the next Vampire Champion the League of Legends Champions team is working on.

Now a League of Legends fan has been poking around the internet and found some interesting similarities that could point to a fun relationship between the Ink Wizard and Fiddlesticks.

Reddit user Zarathielis has come up with a theory, and the arguments they make seem pretty compelling. In a post on Reddit, they explained that the Ink Wizard was described as someone with a sad past.

Upcoming new mage champion may be related to Fiddlesticks
by u/Zarathielis in league of legends

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In one of this year’s Riot Forge games, Wizard Slayers, an explorer reveals information about several demons. One of these demons is associated with the demon Nila. Another demon described in the study is “depressed hermit“, which also somewhat matches the description of the Ink Wizard.

Now the biggest clue about the relationship between the Ink Wizard and Fiddlesticks lies in this story.”ancient fearfrom the League of Legends universe page. It reveals that the young wizard once summoned something dangerous, such as a demon.

Long ago, in a tower by the sea, a foolish young wizard summoned something into the world that he could not control. What the boy imagined was something older than recorded history. Something darker than a starry and starless night. Something the world was desperately trying to forget, and in an instant, the wizard, the creature, and the tower itself were all lost in time.

This something awakened by the wizard appears to be none other than Fiddlesticks. Of course, this is just an assumption that the demon the wizard summoned is Fiddlesticks, but based on the story and description, it might make sense.

Could the Ink Wizard have summoned Fiddlesticks and unleashed an evil demon on Runeterra? Unfortunately, we will have to wait a little longer to find out if these theories are correct.

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