Lizzo lost 220,000 fans after sexual assault allegations

Mexico City.

outcry there Alleged Sexual Harassment Claim In three former ballerinas, Creating a hostile work environment and pressuring them to participate in a sex show in Amsterdam has already passed the challan lizzo,

The singer, who assured she was not a “villain”, lost the support of nearly 220,000 followers on her account. InstagramAccording to the Social Blade statistics site.

I regret that Arianna Davis, Crystal Williams and Noel Rodriguez A civil lawsuit was filed last August 1 in Los Angeles Superior Court against Grammy winner, Big Grrrl producer Big Touring and Dance Captain Shirlyn Quigley. In it, he made several allegations including sexual, religious and racial harassment, discrimination on account of disability, aggression and even false imprisonment.

The former employees claim general and special damages and loss as well as punitive damages and attorney’s fees.

,Nothing gets me down more seriously than the respect we all deserve as women in the world. I know how it feels when they put you on notice every day and I would never criticize or fire an employee because of their weight.“, wrote lizzoIn his defence, a day after the charge was presented.

Before publishing her statement, Melissa Vivian Jefferson, better known by her stage name Lizzo, had already seen her fan count drop by nearly 170,000.

However, it also counts with 13.3 million.

The pop star is known for her messages of self-love and being her voice. “body positive”A social movement that initially sought to empower overweight people.

The singer’s fans debate whether the rumors about her are true beyoncé apparently omitira el nombre de lizzo in a performance of “Break My Soul”Where your name usually appears.


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