Lily-Rose Depp wants these Abuela shoes to be fashionable

another su series Sculpture opinion about the style of (HBO) has caused much controversy lily-rose depp It’s unanimous: It’s the perfect combination between the good taste of her mom (Vanessa Paradis) and the intentionally carefree side of her dad (Johnny Depp). Since the series and the press tour that accompanied her debut, the 24-year-old hasn’t stopped showing off both her red carpet looks and her background. a brief summary? A modern sleek French version with a Y2K touch or 2000s influence.

Pool Photo Event 01 / IPA / Sipa USA / Cordon Press

Lily Rose Depp presenting The Idol at the Cannes Film Festival 2023 (Photo by Pool Photo Events 01/IPA/Sipa USA)

Lily Rose Depp’s Pharmacy and Abuela sandals

In late July, we spotted the actress taking a walk in West Hollywood with her girlfriend, Danielle Balbuena, in a T-shirt and a mic microphone. Shorts Although the most showy part of his performance was, without a doubt, the Zapatos de Kuna.

Neither sandals de tacon nor espadrilles bel un hybrid that combines the best of both: A pair of shoes with a progressive wooden or cork heel reminiscent of classic models from Scholl There are so many sold in pharmacies, that we associate so much with our abuelas and that they are very similar to gustan a las danesas. Lily-Rose Depp perfects these pharmacy sandals to make them a little less orthopedic (unless they’re a little worn) and infinitely more stylish.

And thanks to its low tack and top, constant and progressive, this style of shoe is a guarantee of comfort (for some reason they are considered “by Abuela”). Both in its sandal version and in the Zueco version, which, by the way, is already a classic of the French wardrobe.

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How are Abuela’s sandals according to Lily-Rose Depp?

When it comes to matching these sandals, the key is in contrast. In other words, don’t give up on other items that try to reinforce your old-fashioned component (no pleated skirts, no pointy cardigans, no blouses with embroidery…) but on those that are completely off-putting. From out of the wardrobe our Abuelas to get closer to the Zeta generation. Cowboy dress, low-cut pants, pointe shorts… so, yeah.

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