It’s Not Rihanna’s Shame, It’s Kourtney Kardashian Emulating Her Pre-Mom Style

It’s some nights, Rihanna… Sorry, kourtney kardashian The one-piece from Laquan Smith’s autumn-winter 2022 collection was plunging, her stomach exposed at the counter of a tiny waist-belt. The ES Como Si La Guru del Binestar was inspired by La Riri de la Campana de Louis Vuitton; of Instagram posts; one of the pictures of Street style, Announcing RiRi’s first embarrassment.

It’s not about confronting moms-to-be, it’s about replicating the influence that Rihanna is having on what famous pregnant women want to wear. Between the Guccis of the Tom Ford era and the vintage Chanels, The singer rewrote the norms of primama style -Oh, god Miyo- Dressing like you weren’t embarrassed. Why buy pantaloons with elastic waistbands when you can shell out vaqueros on the ‘give me that too, I’m so wet’ plan?

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Since Kravis’s Surname in 2021, Kourtney Kardashian Has Experienced There is a lot of change in his look, She’s not that Valley Girl, a little quick-tempered who says things like “Well, your conversation’s taking too long,” but a sort of dominatrix with the air of Melrose who publicly dies and flags her sexuality. does it. And when people leave you comments like “You’re 44, not 16, honey” on Instagram, it’s normal for you to adopt Rihanna as your guide.

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