Illari is the next heroine to appear in Overwatch 2

Illari of Peruvian origin plays a supporting role.

Overwatch 2 In a couple of days he will launch his Season 6the season that will bring, among the novelties, new support character.

illari is officially the new heroine to receive Blizzard’s hero shooter, confirmed in the official trailer for the new season.

In the released video, as a preview for season 6, Illari is already shown in action, what are his design and abilities.

Initially PeruvianIllari will play a support role with the ability heal allies with a turret like Symmetra.

Other Illari abilities teased in the trailer are the ability to perform evasive movement to run away from opposing attacks, illustrating this with Oris’ Terra Surge escape, his finishing move.

As for the attacks, the new heroine solar rail rifle as his main weapon, and in his ult he will launch energy pump.

Here, Overwatch 2 will now be in total 38 playable characters.

Beyond Illari season 6 Overwatch 2 will bring into the game first three story missionsnew game mode Flashpoint, new battle pass with skins for characters like Symmetra, Torbjorn, Winston, Ash and more.

Season 6 Overwatch 2Invasion, it will begin 10th of August.

Fountain: Polygon

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