Counter Strike: G2 Esports beat ENCE and became the new champion of IEM Cologne 2023

Last weekend, IEM Cologne, one of the best CS:GO tournaments, determined the champion. These are G2 Esports, who retained the title after defeating ENCE. Read more in this post!

new champion Counter Strike V Germany! After three days of pure CS:GO IEM Cologne, one of the biggest Counter tournaments, has a champion. only with 6 teams standing, G2 eSports (Europe) won and raised the coveted trophy in front of the crowd gathered on Lanxess Arena.

After leaving play inand also to Group stage, Playoffs from IEM Cologne caught all the outbreaks of the competitive ecosystem CS:GO. Initially, Team viability expired from 2 to 0 To Cloud 9 (16-11 in Mirage and 19-17 in Inferno) And Astralis did the same thing before heroic (16-7 in Ancient and 16-11 in Inferno), as in the framework quarterfinal.

Later, in semi-final, ON fought against Viability to get a ticket for super final. The result was 2 to 1 in favor of the Finns, with partial 16-14 inches Mirage14-16 inches nuclear bomb and 16-7 in Dizziness. On the other side, G2 beat solidly Astralis To 16-12 inches Ancient and 16-9 in hellwhat subsequently put the European organizations in the defining party, the rule before best of 5 cards.

Speaking of select and disable kart, ON decided to remove the zone hell Bye G2 brought over the pass. On the other hand, the elections were Nuke and Anubis To ON Near Mirage and Ancientchosen by the reigning champions.

For now super final term 3 to 1 (16-4 Nuke, 16-10 Mirage, 13-16 Anubis and 16-9 Ancient)which earned G2 champion title. But that’s not all, he too was made from the sum $400,000 and direct classification into IEM Katowice 2024. Of the most outstanding players in the final, we have a Bosnian Niko together with your partner m0NESY from Russia. Both players completed a brilliant performance +/- from +38 and +40 V 4 cardsrespectively.

Finally, gamers8 will be the next major international commitment Counter Strike competitive. The championship will take place in Saudi Arabia from August 16 and get a prize $1,000,000 in Game. In the tournament section Intel Extreme Masters, IEM Sydney bring together the best talent from CS:GO V October so that we can meet the last champion of our circle in 2023.

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