All Overwatch 2 Season 6 Content Revealed.

Story missions, a new support hero, a new game mode and more.

Overwatch 2 is preparing for its 6th season called Invasionalready knowing all the new content that will be added to the game.

This 10th of August the new season will be available through Overwatch 2being so far what more content will bring hero shooter.

A couple of days after the premiere of “Invasion” from the official account Overwatch in X, they detailed everything that makes up season 6.

New support hero and new game mode

start, Overwatch 2 will get a new playable character, this illarisupport heroine Peruvian origin. Illari will have a Solar Rail Rifle as her primary weapon, with abilities such as healing allies with her turret, dodge movement, and an energy bomb ult.

Like the rest of the new characters that came in Overwatch 2Illari will unlocks for free upon reaching a certain level in battle pass.

Another content of Season 6 is a new game mode. Flash point. In that, checkpoints will open randomly they must be captured. The first team to reach 3 points on the map will be the winner.

For Flashpoint debut they will have three cardsthese are Surawasa and New Junk City, and the third is unknown.

Arrival of story missions

As the most outstanding novelty in Invasion, Overwatch 2 will receive story missionsPvE content Additional payment.

In total, three story missions will be available to start, based on these Rio de Janeiro, Toronto and Gothenburgin which four players must team up to advance in each scenario elimination of enemies and overcoming goals.

The story missions will be supplemented with other PvE content called Kings Row: Underworldlimited event from August 10 to September 5.

Towards the middle of the season hero skillthe ability to test the skills of each hero with a score on the global scoreboard.

hero development This will be another new addition to Season 6 where each hero will level up to unlock cosmetics for each character.

Finally an announcement new season pass who will have as a great reward mythical skin for Anabased on the invasion of Sector Zero.

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