7 Red Hair Colors That Make You Look Hotter If You’re Light Brown

proven: if what you’re looking for is a very eye-catching makeover, they red hair color for brunettes They are the perfect choice to add charm to your look. From warm and muted reds to intense and mysterious, they are catching everyone’s eye and will continue to be a trend throughout the year, just like our show. celebrities Favorite.

would you like to try it? You are in the right place as we have got you the best tones that will bring out your cinnamon skin tone in the perfect way. If you want a deeper and more low-maintenance style, soft copper highlights, a strawberry ruby, reddish brown, classic burgundy or a bold vibrant hue, this is the perfect choice for you!

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red gingerbread

it inspired Ginger Pank Typical of autumn, this is a warm, earthy and spicy red that fits perfectly light brown skin, Megan Fox has been one of those celebrities who have rocked this color with a wide layered cut and highlighted it brilliantly. your combination between red copper and gold It will bring a lovely warmth to your features.

Instagram: @dimitrishair

Perfect for the starting fall season!

red Cherry

Cherry tones are a vibrant and energetic option that is perfect for Latin women. Our Barbie Sirena Top, Karol G shows how this tone can enhance her skin’s natural tan dark color of your eyes, El Rojo Cereza is an intense tone with neon shades that is sure to turn heads and make you feel empowered.

Instagram: @karolg

Plus, it looks super sexy and extravagant!

mahogany tree

Zendaya is also one of the celebrities who have joined the trend red hair color, transforms your gray hair into dazzling Peliroza Caoba that looks perfect on your warm skin tone and brightens up your face. Ale mahogany red you can match a tone dark red with brown tint And cover it up to give it an intense and radiant effect.

Instagram: @zendaya

If you’re a leather or natural brown complexion, kabobs are an excellent idea to start a change in your look.

red velvet

Kylie Jenner dazzled us with a luscious and creamy look that reminds us of fast fast give those red velvet, This color is special because, in addition to being great on tanned skin, it creates an alluring, mysterious skin tone. from rich girl, That’s right, it requires a lot of maintenance so it doesn’t lose its intensity.

Instagram: @kyliejenner

¡Try taking it into balayage!

dark chocolate cherry

Talented actress Shay Mitchell, on the other hand, rocks this deep red hue to light up the trend. dark brown, This option is perfect for them light brunettes Those looking for a dramatic and complete change in personality. The color, reminiscent of a chocolate-covered cherry, can highlight your facial features and add a touch of mystery to your appearance.

Instagram: @shaymitchell

If you also add a glossy finish, it will accentuate the color and give it more dimension.

honey red

other of them red hair color for brunettes It’s stronger than ever, a cover with a Miley touch, and one of our biggest inspirations, Kendall Jenner. It is a red hue with golden undertones that enliven the skin while illuminating the features with this effect. Sun kissed much desired. simultaneously, It’s a low-maintenance option I am working as ombre.

Instagram: @jennaperryhair

The best thing about copper is that you can get it as dark or as clear as you want.

Aperol Spritz Vicks

Would you like to try it with intense red tones but naranjoso? Inspired by Camila Cabello’s look. The singer proves that this classic tone is perfect for her light brunettes Those looking for showy red hair and full of life. if in addition it joins with something cinnamon locks or light snakesThe result will be a stunning look that exudes confidence.

Instagram: @dimitrishair

The effect of light on long hair!

if you are from Team light brunette You’re looking for a radical transformation, Los red hair color Son la respuesta a tus plagiarías. Just remember to always consult a professional to get the best results and maintain the health of your hair.

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