12 brands to check out ahead of Copenhagen Fashion Week

Cecilie Bahnsen – Photo: Instagram/@ceciliebahnsen

Denmark may not be a traditional name when we think of fashion, but Copenhagen Fashion Week is now recognized as the fifth most prestigious international fashion week. One of the week’s major changes begins with CEO Cecilie Thorsmark, who has made leadership in sustainability one of CPHFW’s core missions.

Fashion week in the Danish capital is now able to compete for influence among major events on the international fashion circuit. Copenhagen is proudly home to a unique fashion week that caters to a niche audience with creative and irreverent street style.

The unique position that sets it apart from other major fashion weeks is that, even with a smaller program and more selective audience, Copenhagen week is known for staying at the forefront of style and sustainability.

Unlike its Scandinavian sister in Stockholm, the focus goes beyond contemporary tailoring and minimalism, the word being to have fun with different textures, fabrics and colors when wearing clothes.

Sustainability and projects with new brands are also important pillars that attract this young and cool Gen-Z audience for weeks. “Sustainability is a core tenet of our vision of Copenhagen Fashion Week as an innovative representation of Nordic talent in our global community,” said Cecilie Thorsmark, CEO of Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Holzweiler Fall Winter 2023 – Photo: Instagram/@holzweiler

Regulations were implemented on environmental responsibility standards, such as holding “zero waste” fashion shows, not using single-use plastics, or incorporating at least 50% recycled materials or salvaged inventory into the collections presented. Not all brands within CPHFW adhere to the same standards, but the city is the first fashion capital to implement the requirements.

In short, Copenhagen Fashion Week is increasingly attracting new generations with new proposals for what fashion week should be like, whether with the likes of influencers and special guests from the fashion public or with an air of creativity amidst the event.

In keeping with that spirit, Bazaar, presenting their spring-summer season, collaborated on a list of brands that hail from the Danish capital, to celebrate the event that will take place from August 7 to 11. perform or better know:

Byte Studio:

BITE has a modern take on everyday basics, mixing contemporary and tailored tailoring for modern living, with a focus on the sustainability of its pieces.

Cecily Bunsen:

Veteran Cecily Bahnsen is just one of the Copenhagen-born brands that excelled at Danish Fashion Week. However, she went on to explore the French capital at PFW as part of the line-up of the biggest international fashion week since 2020. A finalist for the 2017 LVMH Prize, she draws attention to the well-defined aesthetic that infuses the brand with magnanimity. Romantic outfits, and of course, eco-friendly. Recently, his tennis collaboration with ASICS was a hit on social media.


Ganni is one of the greatest prides of Danish fashion. Creative director, Ditte Refstrau managed to reach the followers of the Ganni style with creativity, colors and always sustainability as one of the main flags of the brand.

Stand Studio:

Stand Studio plays with textures and volumes, always with a vibrant color palette and isn’t intimidated by new clothing propositions, whether it’s a neon skin skirt with a matching hat or its fun accessories, which are already beloved by the brand. Are.


Holzweiler is a Norway-born brand that has a good following at Copenhagen Fashion Week, making a splash last season with puffer beauty-inspired clothing and even a parachute cape. With a contemporary take on wardrobe classics, the brand’s aesthetic includes a palette of neutral, earthy tones and new shapes across silhouettes.

Stein Goya:

Danish designer Stine Goya is known for putting his unique, playful spin on the traditional Scandinavian minimalist aesthetic from floral embellishments to rhinestone-covered dresses, his eponymous brand already has a store in London and it’s one of the week’s most anticipated One of the collections.

Rotate Birger Christensen:

This is party girl friend. Glitter, sequins, vibrant colors and vinyl, outfits perfect for a night out, from pink bows to bright red long dresses to get into the Barbie core spirit, so much so that the atmosphere in the latest Rote Birger Christensen Fall Winter 2023 collection was one Fabulous disco on the runway that ended with a dance

the following:

Nine is a hit among streetwear in the city, with its comfortable, fun silhouettes and well-built shapes for an update on everyday classics.

Baum und Pferdgarten:

The brand plays with apparel in creative and playful ways, its latest Fall/Winter 2023 collection was inspired by famed director Wes Anderson’s 2001 film “The Royal Tenenbaums”, playing with the director’s colorful aesthetic and costumes from the film. Like the fur coat and polo dress worn by Gwyneth Paltrow as Margot Tenenbaum.

New Notes:

Nue Notes brings personality to natural textures such as linen and wool, using techniques such as knitting and crochet to transform everyday clothing with variations in pastel tones, prints and vibrant weaves.


A Rains is a new brand making waves, with its Spring Summer 2024 collection inspired by the namesake element, Rain. With raincoats and waterproof clothing with water droplets in the form of beauty applications with wet hair, it is the perfect combination of aesthetics for the brand.

Sachs Potts:

Saks Potts is one of those brands that you can easily recognise, remember the colorful fur collared coats, these were seen on fashionistas like Camille Charrière and Kendall Jenner, another famous activity of the brand Spring Summer 2021 inspired presentation Was. Paparazzi photos of Carolyn Bessett Kennedy. The brand is a darling of fashion lovers with a touch of fun, whether it’s through vibrant colors and bright textures, always with a fun collection for the week.

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