Why don’t you have visitors?

The process is slow and she will be hospitalized for at least another two months.. There is a slight improvement and he needs to be patient and we must continue to send strength to him so that he can come forward as soon as possible,” added by Berardi in the Poco Correctos (El Trece) cycle.

Finally, a panelist commented: “He doesn’t take visitors because there are studies going on that are very annoying and that’s why he prefers not to take on so many people.”.

An encouraging change in Silvina Luna’s hospitalization

british angel reported on Monday the good news about the state of health Silvina Luna, who continues to be in an Italian hospital. IN LAM (American TV) The driver reported that the model “came out of intensive care.”

“I don’t want to say that I am much better. Be careful, I don’t want to create false expectations either. Every other day I ask how Silvina is doing with her brother, friends and doctors. her. They tell me that today they changed the apartment. In other words, he is no longer on the ICU floor. He is in the ward, but with the same equipment and control as in intensive care.”, detailed.

The driver explained that “Physicians often do this to cheer up patients, because psychologically intensive therapy is very difficult, especially for a person who is conscious.”

“Sylvina had certain improvements: she is conscious, active, they preferred to transfer her to a general ward with the same control as in intensive care,” he claimed. She also said that it is very good for Silvina to receive signs of affection: prayers and letters. She also continues to do guided meditations with her mobile phone.

Another aspect that noted the health of the former Big Brother is that “They found some water in his lungs, but they solve it with drugs and treatment.”

On the other side, Silvina “She began to get up, get up, thanks to the work of kinesiologists, she clearly doesn’t have the strength to get up yet. This is very important, especially because of the problems that come with spending so much time in bed: ulcers, weakened muscles.”

In addition, the driver said that Silvina could not stand pain, so she received a lot of medication. “because he’s in constant pain.” And noticed that the doctors try “He eats well, but it costs him dearly.”

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